Over the years people have left numerous memories they have of Katie and Wilson.  If you have one you would like to share, please leave it with the contact form below.  Your memory will be posted within 24-48 hours once submitted.

Just thinking about Katie and Wil….missing them. I watched a home video of my son’s birthday party and Katie happened to be filming for me. The screen is totally black and you hear her voice say, “I can’t see anything…..oh wait….I have the lens cap on” and then she starts laughing. So Katie. She also put her number in my phone under “dork.” She was trying to call me a dork but she was really calling herself a dork. Geesh I miss them.

Jamie 7/31/14

In second grade I sat next to wil and sometimes he would give me his juice box. He was always so nice and friendly to everyone. He rarely got in trouble in school. I think about will a lot and I wonder what he would be like now. He would 14 and in 8th grade and probably going to Calvert hall for high school with Jeremy his best friend. Our class misses you wil and we love you. See you soon

Alexis 2/24/14

Our boys are starting the 2nd grade – Please watch over them like I know you do EVERY day. Missing you and the ability to call and chat –

Jenn 8/26/2013

Jeremy turned 13 this month and I have not stopped thinking about Wil. It is still so painful to accept that he and Katie are gone. I still cannot discuss this loss without tears, it never gets easier. Next year the kids from his class will graduate from St. John’s. I can’t believe that all these year have passed without our wonderful Wil. He was such a ray of light. I am still so devastated.

Lisa- 6/30/2013

Katie & Wilson – you’re in my thoughts EVERY single day!

Wilson loved his stuffed bunny  Bunny had many stuffed animal operations thru the years. I believe one of the last “operations” before resulted in a new fluffy tail being sewed on. I original had this bunny at my apartment and had given to Wil when he was a baby to make him happy while his Mom & Dad were helping his Aunt Kerry move into her apartment. We would have NEVER guessed how attached you would become to Bunny.

Jenn Withers 5/9/2013

I can’t believe we are about to vote for president again. I remember being on the plane to Key West complaining about Obama being elected. Then 2 days later returning home with so much more to worry about. The loss of Katie and Wil overshadowed the election and everything else in my life. Four years without them is so unfair.

Lisa Scheuerman 11/5/2012

This is always a difficult time of year, remembering the last Halloween. And the fun weekend we had planned.

I remember Wil dressed as Micheal Phelps and Katie was the Phelps Fan. I remember her big smile and the way her long hair flipped behind her when she walked and her laugh and the way she used to say “we like FUN Debbie” which meant she liked when I drank my wine and didn’t have to drive.

I remember her wearing roller skates to a Halloween party and totally pulling it off; and the year she was naughty girl scout and Steve was naughty boy scout. Too funny!

I remember Wil at First Communion and Cub Scouts; he was a jokester and a friend. A fierce friend.

I remember sitting at a birthday party in Lisa’s backyard when she told me she was pregnant with Ian when I asked her if she wanted a drink. And then I yelled to everyone: “Katie’s having a baby!!!”

I remember her baby shower that Chrissy had for her and Mary wanted to watch soap operas the whole time; so we all sat around laughing about how we were having a Baby Shower AND watching soaps.

I remember a lot; we all do. When you see the boys now, so big, visiting High Schools, going to dances, playing sports. You know that Wil should be there too, right beside them all.

But I know we are all better people for having known them. And they will be missed forever.

Deb 11/2/2012

It’s funny how little things pop in your head. Yesterday, I was thinking “Oh, I have to call Katie” and then my brain catches up to my heart. Then this morning her cell # popped into my head. But of course when I thought of it, I thought of how she used to say her # “443-79 niner-3 double O 6”. Like she was some military person mixed in with Agent 007. Love her!

Kerry 4/24/2012

well i have had a lot of memories with wil he was my best friend . i remember playing video games with him on the gamecube in the basement . i remember playing in his treehouse with him . i remember the cool star wars legos he used to show me . I remember playing with trains with him over his house.I remember spending the night at is house . I miss him so much .

JEREMY scheuerman  4-19-2012

Was it just yesterday that I heard from you?

Going to Wil’s game or maybe the zoo?

Was it just yesterday that I saw your smile?

I feel like it hasn’t been that long of a while.

Was it just yesterday that you called me to chat?

It seems to me it was just that.

But then I remember that very last day;

And I know that’s not when you went away.

Perhaps being yesterday isn’t that bad,

Because of our love and all that we had.

Was it just yesterday that I said “I love you”?

It must have been, because I do.

Kate – I still think of you & Wil every day and close my eyes hoping to hear you again. Wishing beyond all dreams that I could have “just one more yesterday”!

-Kelly Lane 4/15/2012

I was just looking at the photos today thinking that Katie would have a heart attack at some of those photos of her! She was always the young cute one of our little St. John’s crowd. I remember that her plan on her 30th birthday was not to leave home. Funny.

Lisa Scheuerman 3/22/2012

My son Chadwick was one of Wils best friends at ST JOHNS. While my husband and i were at a wedding Chad was spending the weekend with the Brady family. Typical boys having fun my son broke his arm , I knew he was in great hands with Katie and Steve . Tonight my son was playing with his friends and one of his buddies needed to go to the hospital 4 xrays.Brought back such fond memories of Wil being there for my son . But what sent me to tears was when he said to me mom this is what Wil would have done. And with that he opted to miss lax practice and go with his friend to the hospital and be a friend. Wil is in my sons heart forever , and we are so lucky to have had them in our lives.


No memory to share just have been thinking about you both a lot – Wilson I often think about what you would be doing and what Halloween costume you and your Mom would be dreaming up this year. I miss my bouncing off super idea’s partner (Katie) although some how in my mind I think you lead me to some of the ideas and think you would get just as super excited as I do. Missing you both ~ Love ya Jenn 2011

Our boys have graduated from preschool… Oh, how I miss sharing these milestone moments with you.  I know that you’re smiling down with a proud heart-

Love you,

Jenn 2011

I was laughing out loud yesterday remembering when you “fell” beside the tent at my wedding!  You’re still missed- Love you Jenn

Our father taught us how to play chess. Not many people may realize that Katie was a very good chess player. I know Katie taught Wil how to play and I’ve been teaching my son how to play as well. He just said last night that he wishes Wil was still alive so he could play a game of chess with him. I wish there were more days for Wil and TJ to play together!

-Aunt Kerry 4/19/2011

I was in Target today with my son ~ We were wasting time while my oldest was at preschool. We go up and down evry asile in the to section and he touches all of the toys that make noices… We just so happen to come across a display that had about 5 different Disney Princesses when you pushed the botton a different princess would sing. When he pushed Ariel I was taken back to a place in time when we used to say “Disney Dork” I could hear Katie singing Ariels song… Missing you my dear friend – You are one of the best!

-Jenn Withers 3/16/2011

Now I have to face another birthday without you here, Wil. Today you would be 11 years old and yet I can remember back to the day you were born as if it were yesterday. How privileged I was to be there in the room when you made your grand entrance. And from the moment I first saw you, my heart was yours – such a tiny, perfect little boy. But from the beginning you showed your strength – the NICU team assembled in the room quickly realized that as well and left without having to do anything for you. You brought so much joy and laugher to all who met you. Oh how I miss your hugs which you did give so spontaneously. But I do remember the last time I was with you having to chase you down to smother you with kisses – you were all sweaty but when I finally caught you I remember hugging you and tell! ing you how I wanted you to be my “willie-Pillow” because you were so easy to hug. I love you, Wil – I miss you both so very much

-Mom-mom 1/31/2011

As I’m sitting here listening to our hermit crab tiptoe in his cage, I can’t help but think of you Wil! You were the BEST at taking acre of hermit crabs … well, ok, your cousin TJ is pretty good too. But I was always so impressed how much you knew about them and well you cared for them, all by yourself. Last I heard, they were are still doing well – guess you must have passed that on to Ian! (and I’m sure Dad’s helping him too) I hope you passed a lot on to him, you were always so good & caring towards everyone….and everything! I miss you Wilson and just want you to know that I think about you every day still …. I never realized that I could still love 2 people so much, so long after they’ve been gone. But I do and I’ll keep doing as much as I can in your memories!!!!

-Kelly 1/31/2011

I remember when i would go over Aunt Kates house to stay the night. At night we would always have chocolate foundue with strawberries. After that she would send me upstairs into Wil’s room with a blanket and pillow. Me and Wil would watch tv, but once we were asleep, i would always wake up first. Then i would go downstairs, and wake up Aunt Kate, so she could put in a movie for me downstairs. We would walk downstairs and turn on Disneys The Black Cauldron. That was my favorite movie to watch there in the mornings. I miss doing that.

By: Kiera 1/12/2011

I was just looking at my shark tooth collection jar, but it made me rember of a time we went to Topsail. One, it was the first time I got to go to Topsail, and Aunt Kate And Uncle Steve gave me the privelage to do so. I remember, Uncle Steve, Wil, and I went fishing down at the sound(there was a dock right by our house). Once we got down there, Aunt Kate stood with Ian on the balcony of “our” house, and waved and laughed, and shouted hi, and all three of us did the same to them . God I miss them so much.!

By: Kiera 1/12/2011

I was thinking about Katie’s Sweet 16th Birthday party yesterday. We had worked so hard at keeping it a secret…the decorations were up, the house was filled with friends and family and Katie was getting dropped off by her Dad. She runs in the door and we all yell “Surprise!” She ran straight to her room. I couldn’t imagine her not wanting a Surprise 16th birthday party….but here was the dilema….Katie had been asked out on a date by Stephen Brady. Now how could she go with everyone at her house. As her best friend, we had to solve this problem. So I called Steve that day and invited him to Katie’s birthday party. He came to the party and we had an awesome time. I knew then how crazy Katie was about Steve and her feelings never changed. I kissed many frogs before finally f! inding my prince…..but not Katie. She had met her prince. Happy Birthday Katie….thank you for so many incredible memories. xoxoxo

By: Laura Reep (Kahoe)

Songs always bring back memories. So today I was listening to Ludacris “Roll Out” and it reminded me when TJ was a baby how he is to roll backwards when you were holding him. (Guess he thought it was funny.) So when Katie was holding him one time, he did it and she changed it to “Roll Back”. Always missing her silliness…

By:  Kerry 12/8/2010

Today’s memory is everything!!! Katie – I loved the way you smiled & sqinted your eyes when you would smile really hard!!! Wil – I loved the way you rolled back & forth when your were laughing funny…..hahaha!!! So I guess that what I’m missing most right now since I’ve been thinking about you all day today is: you guys making me laugh …. or crack up!!! I had the best time giggling with you guys -we really did have some good laughs, and I sit here smiling thinking about all of those times …. and it does make me sad, but it also makes me very, very happy to know that I had the priveledge of sharing those times with you!!!! I love you Katie & Wil, no matter how much time goes by, my memories are still there and I can feel you by my side ~ Thank you for being even more special ! to me!

By: Kelly Lane 11/7/2010

I can’t believe it has been Two years since Katie and Wil were here with us, I know they are watching and know how much they are loved and missed everyday.  This foundation does such a wonderful job reminding everyone they come in contact with to stay strong and appreciate life and family!  I hope everyone is finding some comfort in the wonderful things that have come from this tragedy.

Two golden hearts stopped beating, Four shining eyes at rest, God broke our hearts to prove to us, he only takes the best. One thousands words couldn’t bring them back, We know because we’ve tried, Neither could one thousand tears, we know because we’ve cried. – author unknown

BY: A Friend of the Foundation

2 years… It seem’s like yesterday…

I have moments that I laugh out loud remembering silly things that we would do together, or remembering your little quirks. Today Evan was eatting a clementine and it reminded me of how you (Katie) would have one to eat EVERY Black Friday shopping trip.

I’m thankful for my memories – it’s the memories that have helped me thru this journey.

“What we have once enjoyed we can never really lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us.” ~ Helen Keller

By: Jenn Withers 11/7/2010

As the anniversary of the accident nears, it is hard to believe that 2years have pasted. At this time of year I think of Wil and Katie’s love of Halloween. I have the best picture of Jeremy & Wil in school. Wil was Michael Phelps–he loved swimming. Katie was the Roller Girl. My Favorite Katie outfit was the naughty Girl Scout, we all loved the Mulhenfeld Halloween Bash. Katie had such a personality. I remember us all going to Hershey Park in the Dark at Halloween. She had Wil step on her feet so he could get on the big roller coaster. Mostly I remember that Katie was an amazing Mother, she was always so happy, and calming. She could calm Wil, and laugh at Ian (who was very loud in the cry room.) Ofcourse, there are no words that can ever express the magic that was Wil. He was so much like his Mom.

BY: Lisa Scheuerman 11/3/2010

My son played soccer with Wil for one season, I wish he still had a friend like Wil to hang out with. I think of your family often, and it still brings tears to my eyes. I love the picture of Steve and Ian at the plunge those great smiles I remember

By Karen: 10/15/2010.

I’ve thought about you guys a lot lately …. ok, all the time. But I just know that you’re both happy where you are; and, happy that we are doing so much to keep your memories alive but we are also happy with ourselves.  Thanks for being there for us still – I truly appreciate it.  (Actually I feel like you think it’s pretty cool, especially Wil!)  Anyways, still love and miss you guys very much!  Keep watching us … oh, and have fun  

By: Kelly Lane 7/29/2010

Yesterday I was joking around with my son and I called him stinky which sparked yet another memory of Wil. When he was like 3, he would say “You’re Stinky Pete” and crack up laughing and then I would say “No, you’re Stinky Pete” and then Wil or someone else would say it again. This went back and forth with us laughing. I have no idea why that was so entertaining for him but God how I miss his laugh!

By: Aunt Kerry Stevens 5-21-2010

There are so many memories that I have of Katie and Wil. They’ve really been on my mind alot. I miss having Katie her to be silly with. We’ve done so many goofy things together and I miss that terribly. There are alot of memories that people have of Wil being silly (and many pics that you catch him in the background making a goofy face) but let me tell you the silliness started with his mom. Listening to my Ipod, there are so many songs that jump out at me with a vivid memory. I never want to lose those.

By: Kerry Stevens 5-19-2010

There are days when we all just miss you so much. Recently, I have been on the phone talking about how much the boys wish Wil was there to complete there foursome. Jeremy, Jack and Jake have had some hard times trying to figure out who else to hang out with. As Mom’s, I can tell you that Debbie, Chrissy & I are really missing Katie. I know we would be on the same page. The boys would be playing Mario games (instead of begging us to play Modern Warfare–OMG!) Somehow, I believe that life would be so much easier if you were both here.

By:  Lisa Scheuerman 4-5-2010

I have not been able to get Wilson’s voice out of my head… I can hear him telling me how he enjoyed the view from his school. On this one day that I had the privilege of driving Wil to school we were at the top of the drive way leading to his school building – it looks out over the valley’s in Hydes, Maryland. His little voice said “isn’t it beautiful Aunt Jenn? I love see the hill’s!” Wilson made an impact on me for the short time he was here on earth with us. Again, I must say how very proud and honored I was to be his godmother ~ I’m blessed

By: Jenn Withers 3/20/2010

I travel to work everyday down the same stretch of road where these dear souls perished. I did not know either of them but think of them every single day as I travel that road. That is no stretch of a comment… every single day. It is quite odd to think of 2 individuals whom I have never met yet feel so close to and think of so often. I am grateful for the improvements made to the road but still drive it in fear. May God bless your foundation and may the memories never fade.

By: Tiffany Bradds-Reeves- Conowingo, MD. 3/9/2010

Someday I will have the strength to post a memory of the most incredible match in Perry Hall history of “Midnight Tag”! Sean, Katie and Erica Gray versus Angie, Kelly and Janet Gray. And all the great 4th of July Parties at Uncle Bill’s and all the great stories that were because of the Loftus Girls! But for now I’ll say I wish I could have met Wil, if he was only 1/2 of what his Mom was like when she was a kid, then he must have been the greatest kid of all! I miss you Katie!

By: Sean Dobbs 2-22-2010

All this snow!!!  Wil – you would have LOVED it!  I think my best time ever in the snow was with Katie, Wil, Kerry, TJ and Kiera.  We all went outside together at Katie’s house to take pictures of kids for the calendar we made every Christmas – we always tired to get fun pictures of all our kids together for each month throughout the year.  Don’t know if making another calendar will ever be right without Wil though – he was always willing to be in a picture with his cousins and we got some good ones! (I am so thankful for that!)  Well, with all the snow outside, I look for your snow angel Wil … like you guys made (and we even put bundled up TJ next to you & Kiera) – that was my best day in the snow and I have a great picture to remember it by!  Thanks Kate for making “play time” so much fun.  I love you guys so much!

 Love Aunt Kelly 2-17-10

Wil – Thinking of you today with an extra big smile because it’s

your 10th Birthday!!!! I love you so much nephew Wilson and I miss

you more than anyone will ever know! I’ll be listening for

“cha-cha-cha”s today because no one sang happy birthday funnier than

you! My little angel watching over me – I LOVE YOU!!! HUGS & KISSES

~Aunt Kelly

My daughter, Parker, and I were just looking through a picture book of animals and she saw, and said “Duck”. She’s 18 months old so this is very exciting to both of us. Anyhoo, it brought back some memories about a time when we were in high school (10th grade I think) and Katie got a duck from somewhere. Stephen and I, and a few others, decided to dig a pond for the bird in her back yard. Once dusk began to set in we decided to light some tiki torches to illuminate our work-in-progress. Shortly thereafter all the tiki torches started exploding and setting the grass all around us on fire…Stephen, quick to respond, grabbed the garden hose and put the fires out before any real damage set in. Lesson learned: Don’t use glass coke bottles in your tiki torches. The duck didn’t stick around too long after the pond was “finished”, but creating it was, nonetheless, a great time we had together and a memory I share quite often with new acquaintances. Thanks for helping create it Katie – you are missed.

By: Albert Jackson 1-19-2010

Happy Birthday, Katie! “I’m everything I am, Because you loved me”. You picked this Celine Dion song as our dance at your wedding. At the time I know the words were meant from you to me but now looking back today, I see that you and your sisters, as my daughters, make me who I am.

Love you always, Mom

As soon as I saw the snow this morning, I thought of Katie and I. We loved the snow!! I will never forget the time that we decided to go sledding at Perry Hall Middle school. We didn’t have any sleds, so Katie’s brilliant idea of using black slick trash bags seemed like a good idea at the time. We are in our puffy pants and decked from head to toe in our snow gear. When we are at the top of the hill, we see a boy that I had a huge crush on and I don’t want him to see me looking like a snowman. So Katie and I start running at the top of the hill and go flying down on our trash bags. Little did I know that some kids had made a snow ramp that people were flying off of with their sleds. Somehow I end up heading towards the ramp at full speed on my trash bag. Everyone is staring as I go flying in the air to land flat on my back. I swear I knocked the wind out of myself and all Katie could do was stand over top of me laughing hysterically. She had to help hold me up as I limped back to her house. My butt was so bruised, it was purple and black and took me a couple of weeks to be able to sit on a chair straight. So many great memories and laughs…..always missed and never forgotten.

By: Laura Reep (Kahoe) 12-19-2009

I was thinking of Katie today when all I was doing was standing in front of my refrigerator. It’s funny how all of a sudden a memory can come back to you and make you smile and cry at the same time. It was during the family holiday party at our house (our annual tradition)and Katie was standing by the refrigerator eating (it was pretty crowded in the kitchen so when you found a spot, you sort of stayed there while we all “grazed” on the food). I asked her how she liked having her boys so far apart in age and she just gave me a “look”. At the time, I only had Lucas and had always said I only wanted one child. Katie went on to tell me that having Wil and Ian that far apart was a really good decision….got to have a lot of special time with Wil and now that Ian is here (he was only a few months old), she gets time with both boys. Plus, Katie went on to tell me how great of a big brother Wil is to Ian and how he helps, plays with him and watches him like a hawk. Then, she asked me WHY I was asking. I had only mentioned the idea of having another child to one other friend (oh, and Dan knew, too). I told her we were THINKING of having another child even though they would be 5 and a half years apart. I remember Katie standing in front of the refrigerator telling me how great it is to have 2 kids and how it was one of the best decisions her and Steve made. Well, I took Katie’s advice and became pregnant a month or 2 later.

Gavin William Griffith was born on Nov. 25, 2007. When I saw Katie at a family event after he was born, she looked at me, smiled and said, “Aren’t you glad you took my advice?” I was THRILLED I took her advice. Gavin’s middle name is William after Mr. Bill (Dan’s Dad who passed in Nov 2002), but it has taken on more meaning since the passing of Wil in Nov 2008.

By: Heather Griffith 12/14/2009

  I was telling someone the other day about how Katie, Nicole and I used together to make Christmas cookies – Good times! As we got older and started to have children and MORE responsibilities to take care of the cookie making tradition seemed to have fallen off our list of things to do during the holiday season. It’s unfortunate that we let this tradition stop because it really was a great thing to do together as friends; I realize now how much I really did enjoy those moments. Oh, how Wilson used to love making the sugar cookies and decorating them with the colored sugars. I have started my holiday cookie baking and will be making a special cookie for you Wilson! During this holiday season I’m thankful for the good memories I have of both Katie and Wilson… they both enjoyed this time of year!

By:  Jenn Withers 12/8/2009

Today I had what we call a “Katie moment”. I was talking to Kiera about NYC and how they went once w/o me, Tim and TJ. I told her that was the time when they went to the Eiffel Tower. I quickly corrected myself to say the Empire State Building. I remember when Katie and Steve were driving through Berlin, MD and Katie asked if that was were the Berlin Wall was at. Guess I take after my big sister in the Geography area. 

We have always passed around hand-me-downs between the boys. Kelly and I were going through some of the kids clothes tonight and it was still so cool to come across the clothes that Wil first wore. TJ still gets excited when we pull out clothes that his cousin Wil wore! It will be a sad day when we can’t do that anymore.

By: Aunt Kerry 11/20/2009

I think I dreaded this birthday more than any other because of the memory of Katie practically skipping into my unit at work last year with a birthday cake – not a box cake, but one she made from scratch. Katie’s accomplishments in the kitchen were limited especially when it came to dinners ~ the joke was that when Katie invited you over for dinner and she was cooking, you knew it was sure to pancakes or waffles. But how her boys loved her waffles! I miss them both so very much ~ sometimes I find myself calling their house knowing no one is there to answer just to hear Wil’s sweet voice saying “Chillax”. Loving you, Katie & Wil, every single minute of every single day, Mom

By: Mom 11-3-2009

It’s funny how a memory will be triggered in my mind… Just the other week I was driving with my husband to the Boodry event and I was instructing him on what route he should take to get there the quickest. As I was telling him which way to go I started to hear Wilson’s voice… “Aunt Jenn, you can’t go this way you’re going to make me late for school… My Mom does NOT go this way”…. I was in charge of getting Wil to school one morning and apparently was taking the LONG way to St.John’s… we were at school on time but we were at the top of the hill… “My Mom is always at the bottom of the hill”… on the way home Wilson was quick to show me the short cut for next time. I showed my husband Wil’s shortcut the other night and we got to Boordy and had a wonderful night with the friends of the Katie and Wil Brady Foundation! ~ Thanks Wilson for showing me the shortcut and always making me smile, love you alway

By: Aunt Jenn 10-27-2009

I’m working on Halloween costumes and thinking of you guys! Katie would come to me for sewing advice and ideas. I remember how hard she worked on making Wil’s “Michael Phelps” costume last year! If only he knew how much Wil looked up to him! It was funny how much thought Katie put into the details for his costume …. even realized that the red, white & blue ribbon she was going to use couldn’t work because it was the “Olympics” that he won all the medals at … not a USA competition – duh! …. the little details in things is what Katie was so good at! (And was quickly passing on to Wil – he was the one who thought of wearing headphones like Michael Phelps did before competitions!) Katie, you made so many people happy, but most importantly, your kids! Wil & Ian were so lucky to have Katie for a mom, and I was so lucky to have her for a sister. I don’t know how to stop missing and loving you & Wilson and I know I never will.

By: Kelly 10-20-2009

It was just about this time 3 years ago today that we were getting ready and waiting for my wedding to start. I remember Katie walked into the room that we were waiting in looking beautiful (as always) wearing her dark purple bridesmaid gown and …. HUGE disco ball earrings!!!! I remember nodding my head and laughing – She said “I’m really wearing these, k?” “Sure, Kate – whatever” She didn’t of course, but she could always make you smile, no matter how stressing the situation may have been! Thanks for being my maid of honor with Kerry. I’m just glad you were there for one of the most important days of my life and have been for all the others …. Kiera’s birth, my wedding and Kilian’s birth. Thank you for being there – I love you for everything you ever did for me!

By: Kelly 10/13/2009

Wil: It was probably about this time also that Steve was being recorded for “groomsman’s well-wishes” to us. But if you look closely while watching, you’ll see Wil sneak into the background and disappear behind Steve. Then you kinda forget that he did that …. and then “pop” he leans out from behind Steve with that crazy smile and then disappears again! The whole time, Steve not having a clue what happened. It was the funniest thing and I crack up every time I watch it! Thanks Wil, for still making me laugh – I appreciate the funny things in life even more now and it’s because I think of you whenever I laugh! I love you Nephew Wilson!!!!

By: Aunt Kelly 10-13-2009

Hi Kate & Wil! Thinking of you more than ususal today (if that’s possible). Wish I could type a particular memory right now, but I just keep thinking about you guys being here. Kate – being at FSH today and not having you stop by made me a bit sad. I just kept waiting for you to come around the corner. I could just imagine you standing there with your badge on and your awesome smile. You always checked up on any of us that were ever in the hospital and I missed that so much today. You always made sure everyone was okay and I’m sure you & Wil are still doing that; but, I just can’t see you – so I’ll just close my eyes and remember … and know that you are still watching over us. My heart is hurting today and feels like it is breaking, but my memories hold it together. I love you both with every bit of my heart!

It’s the milestone moments of our boy’s (mine Ryan yours Ian) lives is when I miss you the MOST Katie. I remember getting the phone call from Wilson and him telling me that he was going to be a big brother. He sounded so happy and excited on the phone while telling me the news. Katie and I would be pregnant together me being about 6 weeks ahead of her. I think all girlfriends wish they could go thru the experience of being pregnant with a friend and Katie and I got to do it :o) To make the experience even better we were lucky to have shared the same OB doctor. We would schedule our appointments together, listening to our baby’s heart beats and treading the scale!!! – Our doctor; Dr. Tran thought we were a hoot! After the appointments were would go for a snack run… milkshakes – the babies wanted them!!! Neither of us knew what we were having boy’s or girl’s but in the end we were both blessed with two beautiful, healthy baby boys. I so looked forward to sharing the stories of what the boys were in at the moment… So, when I dropped my son Ryan off at Preschool this week for the 1st time I felt really sad… I want my best friend to be here to share in the moment of our boy’s 1st day of school…. We were going to share in all of these milestone moments with our boy’s together 1st sleepovers, girlfriends, driving ect… Oh, Kate I miss you soooo much. I can NOT say it enough my life was BLESSED because of you ~ THANK YOU!!!

By-Jenn 9/16/2009

Last week while driving to work, a radio station I seldom listen to played Ray Charles’ “Hit the Road, Jack”. It brought back a precious memory of Wil singing that song which I, of course, taught him to sing to his parents whenever he came to Mom-Mom’s and Poppy’s house for an overnight visit. Since Katie, always reluctant to leave her boys for more than a couple of hours, needed that cue Wil and I came up with that song to get the message across ~ “party time” at Mom-mom’s was about to begin and it was time for the parents to ‘Hit the Road’!

BY:Pat 9/9/2009

Just wanted to say that Katie was an AWESOME friend and Wilson was an AWESOME godson!!! I miss you guys EVERY single day… I love you both… Thanks for all your little signs that you give us letting us know your ok!

By:  Jenn 9/7/09

Since TJ has started soccer, it reminded me of going to some of Wil’s games. I can remember one time when Wil was playing indoor and I had TJ with me and he was still a baby. I just remember watching all the little ones running around & thinking that I couldn’t wait for TJ to play. I really wish Wil could be on the sidelines cheering for TJ. TJ loves to now be able to wear his cousin Wil’s soccer shirts!By:  Kerry Stevens 9/4/2009

I think of Katie and Wil often. Katie may not have been my best friend, but she was a very dear friends sister. Their family tragedy has reminded me to cherish my family, my friends, and my life and never take one single day for granted. I thought of Wil when I sent my Seven year old off for his first day of 2nd grade and it saddened me that katie and Wil didn’t get to take the “first day of school” pictures this year! I thought of Katie when I put my new baby into our swimming pool this year, It made me remember watching Katie and Ian in the pool together at Kilian’s baptism. I remember thinking thank goodness I didn’t have to get in the pool with my kids (because it was cold and they were finally old enough to swim by themselves!) I can only hope that In my life I have touched as many people as they have! I find that the world is so small and So many people knew them. People you would never think… my next door neighbor (in cecil county!), The kids karate instructor, friends of friends…. I am sure as time goes by there will be many more. I may not have a lot of specific memories, but they are in my thoughts often as well as the family that clearly misses them beyond measure and is doing everything in their power to keep their memory alive. I hope they know that they are doing a wonderful job!

By:  Christy Adkins 8/31/2009

I was thinking of Katie and Wil right this second – wondering how Wil

would like being back in school – I’m sure he would be loving it!!!!

I think they miss us too, but I like being able to come to the

website – it makes me feel like I’m saying “hi” to them today! And I

just miss that! Love you guys so much, thanks for watching over us!

By: Kelly 8/31/2009

Wilson has been on my mind SO much these past couple of days… it seems as if everywhere I looked I was reminded of him. I must have passed 3 different Wilson Roads, Avenue or some sort of street with his name in it. I saw trucks with Wilson Inc. etc… I still can’t believe that this awesome young man is no longer with us here on earth. I miss you Wil and just SO thankful for having been part of your life I feel blessed to have known you!

By:  Jenn 8/28/2009

Katie, I remember your smile …… and your funny faces … and how much Wil was just like you. He could make anyone laugh! I may have rolled my eyes or shook my head when you did some of the crazy things that you did; but, now I smile and thank God that I had those times because without that part of my life, it just would’ve been plain boring! … and now Kate, one thing I truly treasure is – I remember your smile.

I love you both so very much!

By:  Kelly Lane 8/19/2009

It is has always been a thing to make sure that everybody sings me happy birthday on my birthday, which is on Friday. Well last year I didn’t receive a phone call from the Brady’s and I was a little upset, so I just went to bed. Well about 10 minutes later, there is a call from the Brady’s and I answered it and finally here is the only Happy Birthday that I was waiting for. After they were all done singing, Aunt Kate said “Are we the last ones?” And I was like “Yeah you definitely got last place, and then she was like yyyesssssssss!!!!!. So from then on every birthday in the Brady house I tried to be the last one. It was a little weird missing two days but you can’t forget the other two.

By: Kiera 8/16/2009

Don’t know why this memory just came into my thoughts, but it’s one that reminded me how much fun and how unique Katie was. For her wedding, we of course were having the traditional Bride & Bridesmaids pictures taken at Kate’s house before we left to go to the Yacht Club for the ceremony. There were the everyday standing in a line, holding our bouquets together, all gathered around Katie and then she suggested an idea that made us all just look at each other and then back at her to make sure she wasn’t joking …. we should have known better though …. “Let’s all get on the trampoline!” So, yup – we all ran to get to the trampoline – Katie in her wedding dress and us in our Bridesmaids’ gowns ….. Katie, Kerry, Me, Erin, Jenn, Gwen and of course the flower girl – Kiera, all on the trampoline – trying to keep our balance … in heels – wow that was fun ….. what a great wedding day picture! My sister was so much fun, I really hope everyone got to experience at least one fun and crazy time with Katie! I love you more and more with every memory I remember and each one I read!

By: Kelly Lane 8/11/2009

I started planning for my trip to Ocean City this week and couldn’t help but to reflect back on when Wilson had his 1st trip to Ocean City, Maryland. It was the summer of 2001 and Wil had just started to walk he still had that wobble walk that kids have when they are first starting to walk. Katie and I talked hours on length about the outfit she was going to put him on for his 1st beach photos. He would wear khaki pants rolled up and a white polo shirt. As he walked in the sand Katie would take his picture sometimes he would stop to look at the waves crashing on the beach. Katie then began to walk backwards so that she could get a better action shot of him and before long she was running backwards – right into a giant hole that kids must have dug earlier in the day. I can still see Katie’s face laughing so hard as she rolled into the sand pit/hole. That was a great night and I happy that I got to share it with my best friend and godson… I truly feel blessed to have had these small moments with them both.

By: Jenn Withers 8/8/2009

I was searching for sheet music on Google, and a recent search came up as Bell Manor. This triggered a memory that I am guessing in my opinion effected Wil strongly. It was a few days after I came home from camp, and Wil wanted to hear a scary story. Well at camp there is a scary house called Bell Manor, that was a Victorian house in wars, where a lady stayed while here son and husband were in the war. Well the story says that the husband and son died, and then the lady killed herself. Well the story I told Will was longer, and that night, we got a call that Wil couldn’t sleep, and when I talked to Aunt Kate I told her that he wanted to hear it and that I told him that it was going to be scary. Eventually he fell asleep. He was so easy to scare. A few weeks ago at camp we had to go to Bell Manor for All Camp, and when we walked to the front yard a light in the back was on, by the time we got to the front it was off, and it was at night scary. Yeah they are doing renovations, but nobody is in there at night. Scary!!! It was either karma or Wil was messing with me.

By: Kiera 8/2/2009

Katie really got me when she went into labor with Ian. Before she would leave to go to the hospital, she had to scrub the bathroom because she knew she wouldn’t be able to do it for a couple days. Then when she got to the hospital, she almost delivered in the reception area. She had Ian before she was even registered at the hospital! I could not believe she cleaned that bathroom! Just like Katie – everything had to be ready and clean!

By: “G” 7/30/2009

I swear that Wil is always leaving something for Jeremy to remember him by (not that he ever forgets!) On Wil’s birthday we found a “Best Friend” drawing that Wil made for Jeremy. At Christmas we found last year’s picture card. A few months ago we found a letter he wrote to Jeremy about New York. Then last week, Jeremy had all his friends over, and he noticed that Wil had left his beach towel at our house from last summer. Of course, Jeremy was so funny, he didn’t want me to tell anyone because he plans on keeping the towel! Just a little note to tell you all that they are looking out for their loved ones.

By: Lisa Scheuerman 7/28/2009

I remember when Katie had Wil – she didn’t find out whether it was a girl or boy (nor with Ian). So, while she was in the hospital, Kerry & I painted her toenails …. since Kerry wanted a boy, she painted blue and since I wanted a girl, I painted them pink. I lost! (and then again when Ian was born) How anyone can go all that time and not find out absolutely amazes me – then again so did Katie! Love you and miss you & Wil more and more every second!

By: Kelly Lane 7/24/2009

I’ll never forget when I was at Katie and Steve’s house while Kerry was living upstairs. We were watching tv and all a sudden we heard cussing and banging. Me and Kerry ran downstairs to see what was going on. (This was before Katie knew she was pregnant w/Wilson.) Katie was in the kitchen trying to open a can of spaghetti. There was sauce on the ceiling, counter and cabinets because she was hitting the can with a can-opener. I walked over, took the can opener and opened it w/no problems. Katie stomped out of the room. Kerry poked her head down the basement and asked Steve why he didn’t come up and he said “Did you hear how she was acting”. I think he was a bit scared of her at times.

By: Tim Stevens  Left on: 7/22/2009

This may not have been a favorite memory for Wil but for the rest of us it was a very funny memory. The kids were running through Ms. Pat’s house playing and having fun. Wil came running by and I threw my arm out to try and catch him but wound up clothes-lining him and he fell back hard. After we knew that Wil was ok, everyone was cracking up and this has been a story told over and over…”Remember that time when Tim clothes-lined Wil…”

By : Uncle Tim Stevens Left on: 7/22/2009

Archived Memories

One of my favorite things about Aunt Kate was that she was like an alarm. The reason that I say this is because whenever during the summer time that the ice cream truck would happen to be anywhere, she would yell ICE CREAM!!!!!! Now we are all in a rush to get our money and when we would walk outside there would be no ice ream truck, so I would run to the backyard and see that the truck was in the court behind whosever house we were in. The ice cream truck hasn’t come this year, and I think that that is because Aunt Kate isn’t there to rush us out the door. I love you guys and hope that you send the ice cream truck around on my birthday as a surprise. Maybe, Maybe not you guys are busy but it would be nice.

Left by: Kiera on: 2009-06-26 12:37:04


One my favorite things about Aunt Kate was that she was a major neat freak. One of my favorite memories with her was when I would go to take my shoes I would always put my hand on the wall to have something to lean on. Next thing I know Im getting yelled at for putting my hadnds and/or fingerprints on the wall. There is somethings that I don’t how they bothered her but they did, and that is ione of the reasons why she is so uniqe

Left by: Kiera on: 2009-06-22 09:20:48


This memory is so faint, but I still can remember it because it was so funny. I must have been seven and Im pretty sure Wil was five. It had just rained the day before, but it was warm enough to play outside. SO just like anyone else we had our pretend play times, and the setting of this game was a hair cutting place. There was a table outside with water on it. I was the stylist and WIl was the customer, so WIl decided he wanted a mohawk. Well in real life you have to give the customer what ever they want. The next thing you know Wil had a mohawk, and he got it by me putting rain water on my hand and styling his hair. Luckly, we were over Mom-Mom’s and Aunt Kate wasn’t there, because she would have killed me.

Left by: Kiera on: 2009-06-21 13:48:11


One of my last memories with Wil was when he and Ian were over Mom-Moms for the night. Ofcourse now every tonce in-awhile Ian comes to my house just for a ballon. Well her we were me and Wil wanted to play with Ian’s green ballon, so I had to run back to my house, and get Ian a yellow ballon. Hers how the story goes, we were dorks and part time ningas too. We gave Ian a yellow ballon so we could play with the green one. Once he deciede to trade we daecided that we would kick into ninga mode. So we went into Mom-MOm and Poppy’s bedroom and jumped on the bed and would hit the ballon trying to keep from hitting the ground. Eventually Ian wanted his ballon back so we took the yellow one and continued our game. The green ballon popped the next morning, but I still have the yellow ballon and it is still inflated. The only reasons that I kept it was because our fingerprints are on it and one set with one of my fingerprints, and one of Wil’s is shaped like a heart. Im not kidding. Now all the time my friends want to play with the ballon and I have to tell them to put it down. Now when ever Ian comes over, I stand on the ground and he stands one the floor and we hit it back and forth, just like me and his brother did. I love you so much and I wish I could play with you and be a ninga.

Left by: Kiera on: 2009-06-20 15:41:23


Another wedding story is how I got the rubber chicken. Just like the groom gets that little thing you put on your leg, Uncle Steve pulled a squeaking rubber chicken out too. I begged him to give it to me, and it is still a mystery how Aunt Kate managed to not let the chicken fall out of the dress.

Left by: Kiera on: 2009-06-20 15:28:44


I must be really special because at Aunt Kate’s wedding I some how ended up with the bouquet and the annoying squeaky rubber chicken. The story for the bouquet is that when Aunt Kate threw the bouquet I was pushed over by supposebly my mom, but anyways Aunt Kate made my Other Aunt Kerry give me the bouquet cause she ended up with it. Anyways, everyone said that my mom pushed me over, but it was Aunt Kerry. Legend says that whoever catches the bouquet will get married no matter what. Hopefully it is true, but when I grow up and am married to the guy of my dreams I will be sure to thank Aunt Kerry for knocking me over and getting the bouquet, but more importantly I will thank Aunt Kate for making her give it to me instead of letting her get away with.

Left by: Kiera on: 2009-06-20 15:26:12


Well, after a little reminicing last night, I decided I should share the funniest story from my wedding. As we all know, Katie liked to have a good time and sometimes that involved a little alcohol. So at my wedding she was afraid that she would have too good a time and lose her nice diamond earrings. So she took them off to put in a safe place. As all of the guests were leaving and Martin’s was cleaning up, Katie realized she had lost her earrings. So she asked the Caterer’s if she could go through the table linens to see if her earrings got scooped up accidently. After rummaging through the dirty linens in the back, and coming up empty handed, she headed for the car…where she found them tucked away safely in her bag! She had forgotten that she put them in a bag in her car for safe keeping! Oh Katie, thanks for the visual and great memory, you and Wil will always be missed! Love, Kim

Left by: Kim on: 2009-06-16 19:35:56


I was chilling in the pool yesterday evening, floating and staring up at the clouds remembering all the good times we had swimming in G’s pool … and not when we were little; but just over the past few years since Kiera was growing up. I can remember tossing Kiera back and forth when she was just barely two – she would laugh so hard and it would make us laugh. It was just fun being older but still playing in the pool with you ….. oh how I wish you could be there to catch Kilian – I know you can’t catch him; but you will both watch over him. I love and miss you and Wil too much everyday.

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-06-15 11:16:23


I laughed out loud today… remembering when we were down the Ocean once and the Cop on the horse stopped you will we were walking somewhere ~ ha-ha, Gosh we had some good times, Thanks for the memories Katie

Left by: Jenn on: 2009-06-14 00:06:58


I made a Meat-Loaf for dinner the other night. I always think of Katie when I make this because this was one of the few things that SHE actually cooked for dinner. (Steve was the Cook of the house & Katie the Baker) She had a secret ingredient that she swore made it the best, I’ll share it with you all ~ McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning! Katie thanks for sharing your secret with me  I hope it’s OK that everyone else knows now too  Love and miss you and Wilson, Jenn

Left by: Jenn on: 2009-06-14 00:02:33


I walked outside this morning to leave for work and looked down to see that stupid white porcelain duck staring up at me. Remember that? You helped me with my wedding registry at Kohl’s and had me put them on it just to be funny and see if anyone would actually get them for me….. I should have known better because we ended up with 3 ducks – one from Wil, one from Ian and one from TJ – and of course I couldn’t get rid of something my nephews got for us for our wedding gifts. “Oh geez”, more junk is all I could think, as I laughed at another one of your oh-so-creative ideas; but now, I look at those ducks and remember how much fun you were and how you found such great ways to make people laugh. It’s the little (and yes, sometimes stupid) things that mean so now. Thanks Kate for making life so enjoyable and fun! Oh, and thanks Wil for the duck! I love you with all my heart and think of you more than you will ever know.

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-06-12 09:21:06


Still every day I miss them both, more and more & it seems to cloud my memories. Seeing a commercial for Jamaica makes me sad for the memories we couldn’t make on what would have been our 1st Brady/Kelly/Brinker winter vacation this past February. Oh, how my heart still cries for you both, Mom

Left by: Patricia on: 2009-06-02 21:05:43


It’s birthday season at St. John’s which can’t help but make us think of you, Wil. We went to Jack’s birthday on Sunday, and Jeremy said on the way there, ” I really miss Wil, It’s not fair that he won’t be here.” Jeremy’s birthday is coming up(this year it’s Mario themed–you & Jeremy loved Nintendo!) We always checked with your Mom to plan Jeremy’s party around your attendance. It won’t be the same with out you. You loved the swim parties–just like Michael Phelps! We pray for you, your Mom, your Dad and Ian every night.

Left by: Lisa on: 2009-05-26 22:30:51


Time keeps passing but this sadness has not abated. I think you would have won quite a few bagels and breakfast pizzas these past months. Katie Brady…..I miss you my friend!

Left by: Debbie on: 2009-05-22 13:48:53


I was driving home the other night and my three year old son Ryan asked me if the power would be out at our house. This triggered a memory of when Wilson spent the night at my house one night. I can’t remember if he was 3 or 4 years old. The story goes like this… We pulled up to the house and the garage door would NOT open I knew then that we had a problem ~ I hoped Wil would not be scared – he wasn’t. Once we got into the house and found a couple flash lights it looked like everything was going to be OK. Bo got a pop up tent from the basement and set it up in the living room and retrieved a large portable light pack from the garage when he got home from work. We would make the best of the evening and have a camp out/in! The next couple of times that Wil came over he would ask if I would have lights this time. That was a good night and a great memory to look back on… Wilson you will ALWAYS be a bright light in my heart 

Left by: Jenn on: 2009-05-20 08:23:46


Yesterday was mine and Tim’s 7 yr wedding anniversary. It made me remember when I called Katie at work on her 7 yr to wish her a Happy Anniversary. I sang a stupid little song and then she said to me that she was starting to itch. Me being oblivious, said “From what?” She then said she was “getting the 7 yr itch”. She was such a dork. Katie and Steve’s love for each other was something special that alot of people were inspired by especially me.

Left by: Kerry on: 2009-05-12 13:04:25


Six months ago today we all lost 2 people very special and dear to us. I still have a hard time accepting it and wish every single day that is was just a bad dream. Not a day goes by that I dont think about Katie and Wil. Katie- I wish so badly I could call and talk to you about being a new mom and about all my worries and concerns. I know you would be so excited for me and Brian. I find comfort in thinking you will be a guardian angel and watch over me and my baby and help me to be a wonderful mother- just like you. I love you forever and miss always. Love, Erin

Left by: Erin on: 2009-05-07 19:24:06


It is hard to wrap my thoughts around the past 6 months. I wrap my heart and mind around who Katie and Wil were to me. Their giving spirit surrounds me everyday. Oh trust me, there are bad days, then I have to stop the bad feelings and remember who they were to all of us. Katie, my friend you are missed every day. Wil my little helper, you make me smile knowing you will bringing spiders down on Laurie Brown this sumer. Remember the good times, the great times and cherish the memories. It’s the little things we all don’t see because we let life spin us around. Take time to tell someone what they mean to you. You may never get tomorrow to do it. Katie and Wil – We miss you AL and Laurie Brown

Left by: AL on: 2009-05-07 17:00:27


Hi, Katie: Thinking about you (particularly today) and wishing I could call and talk to you about planning Erin’s baby shower. I know that you would be just as excited as I am. Please know that even though I may not get to send a message on here, I do think about you and Wil all the time. Love, Aunt Dar

Left by: Darlene (Aunt Dar) on: 2009-05-07 10:04:10


Kate, remember the ducks? We had that nasty pond in the backyard which we thought would be perfect for ducks, so we cleaned it up … including me falling into the pond scum at the bottom (have a picture of that too) … and we fixed it up … weeded, put a fence around the outside … and we got the ducks – was it 1 or 2 ducklings? I can’t remember. But I do recall that we took 1 to a party with us …. showed up with our duck following us around because it had bonded – we were so cool. And then 1 morning the duck(s) were just gone ….. don’t really know whatever happened to him …. It was another fun time I remembered. I love you and our memories – thanks for all the times we had together…. I miss that we’re not making more.

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-04-30 23:06:36


Katie, I wish you were here to see the book Steve wrote about you, Wil and Ian. You would be so proud. It is beautiful and the love that he has for you both and Ian is so genuine. It’s hard to read because it makes me miss you so much more. But, at the same time I’m grateful of Steve sharing his memories.I love reading the stories that I haven’t heard before and being able to laugh and reminise about the ones I know about. The book is so full of love my words will never be able to express how grateful I am that he shared this with all of us. I miss you so much and I think about you a thousand times a day. You are both in my heart forever and always!! Still can’t believe you’re gone…

Left by: Renae on: 2009-04-26 22:14:41


Today I received an email from Bath & Body Works with their “sale deals”. I remember every time Katie would get a coupon in the mail, she’d call me and we would go over to the Avenue together to get whatever it was that was on sale … usually it was a “Buy 1-Get 1 Free” deal, so we’d both pick out something we wanted and then split the cost … geez she was a bargain shopper – and I’ll continue that for her if I could; except, I don’t get coupons in the mail – only she did, and she’d laugh about it every time because each visit I would sign up to receive the coupons and I never did …. and still don’t! Guess she was worthy of being the ultimate bargain shopper! If I ever get one of those coupons Kate, I promise I’ll give the “free” one to Steve & Ian! I love you so much and wish for you & Wil everyday.

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-04-22 16:30:05


Katie always insisted that there were 5 oceans because she counted the Pacific ocean as two seperate oceans on the map. Well a couple years ago my son came home from school with an “update paper” that wanted to let the parents know there are now 5 oceans and that the text books would be updated by the following year. Apparently they founded another ocean by Antarctica. Well when I went to Katie and Steve’s summer party you better believe that is the first thing I was sure to tell her…..and she said “See – I told you – no one ever listens to me.” I was laughing so hard!

Left by: Jamie on: 2009-04-21 13:34:01


I can’t remember what year this was or who all was there, but Katie, Steve, Ms. Pat, Kerry, and myself all went to an Orioles game. I don’t remember anything about the game, but on the way home we were in Katies car and some guy cut us off on 95, it was I believe Katies idea to follow him I think with her high beams on or something crazy like that. I don’t know what made me think of that, but I just wanted to tell someone about it we had a great time that night. I wish we could all go with our kids, and not follow someone who cuts us off. LOL.

Left by: holly on: 2009-04-16 19:22:18


I know that this memory is from forever ago, but while planning my daughter’s 1st birthday party…I started laughing at a memory of my first slumber party with my girlfriends. We were about 8 years old. It was Katie, my sister and her friend, my cousin, Jill Trachta and me. I honestly can’t remember whose crazy idea it was to tie all of our new tye-dyed shirts together so that we would all be connected- but Katie-I could swear that this was another one of your wonderful ideas…lol. So we are all connected in knots that are unbelievably tight and we eventually all fall asleep this way- until one of us has to go to the bathroom around 3am. This caused a little bit of a problem. So the 6 of us are all jammed into the front foyer bathroom at my house laughing hysterically. We were so loud that we woke up my parents. We had tied the knots so tight that it took over an hour to get us separated! We all fell back asleep after 4 in the morning….Thanks again for the laugh this morning. Missing you…

Left by: Laura on: 2009-04-16 08:38:32


My memory unfortunately is not about Katie or Will, as I only had the pleasure of meeting them very briefly while trick-or treating this past year. I do have fond memories of hearing beautiful bagpipe music playing in the distance in my neighborhood. I never knew who or where it came from until after I heard of the tragedy that befell this family. I just wanted to tell Stephan that I miss hearing his music, and I hope to hear it again soon. God bless you. Dave Garner

Left by: David on: 2009-04-15 21:32:59


I have an everyday memory with Aunt Kate. When I was little, I liked to put my hands on alot of walls. Well, Aunt Kate being as neat as she was when I would put my hands on the walls to balence myself so that I could take my shoes off. She would say” get your hands off my wall” in a semi serious but playful way. This is one one of my favorite memories with Aunt Kate.

Left by: Kiera on: 2009-04-09 09:17:51


Hi, Katie: I haven’t forgotten you (and never will) it’s just that I have been so busy and was away for a week.I want you to know that I think of you quite often. Love, Aunt Dar

Left by: Darlene (Aunt Dar) on: 2009-04-08 16:44:51


Opening Day! There isn’t one particular day that I remember going to the O’s game together. Just that we went a few times each season…. even if it was to chill in the Camden Club and watch from the windows. I remember the kids being Dugout members and sitting in “nosebleed” seats; but, that didn’t matter to us – we were there. I do remember how Kiera & Wil would run down the ramps together and wait at the turn of each one for us to say they go go to the next one. Our kids were so great. We were lucky to have you Wil! Kate, you always looked so cute with your baseball hat on. I do remember you filling out the credit card “deals” so that you could get whatever freebie they were handing out. And I remember the last game we went to together. I watched as you, mom, Wil and Ian were walking across Light street to come to the club. I even have a picture of it – you looked so far away then; but now I know it’s possible to be even further away. Hanging together at the games was always fun and now I know how special those times were. Thanks for getting the contact for Kiera’s stealing 2nd base pictures! That was an awesome day and I’m so glad you guys got to share it! You were such great cheerleaders for her! I’ll definitely treasure the memories at the ballpark and I’ll look for you in the outfield ….. I’m sure you both were the Orioles’ “angels in the outfield” for opening game today! I love you both with all my heart, so much it hurts sometimes.

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-04-06 22:18:39


I still can’t beleive its true. I think of you both daily. I wish that we could share more milestones together, more pointless conversations that started with ” Oh My God Guess What”, more stupid jokes, and laughing for no reason. You made me understand the value of a great friend. I am able to understand why you had so many friends They have become a part of my life now, and I just wanted to thank you. Til will meet again I love you both.

Left by: nicole on: 2009-04-06 19:28:21


Hey Wil – #2 of my favorite parts of my wedding that you made so memorable for me. At the beginning of the video everyone in the wedding party says something to Uncle Jeremy & I (advice, good wishes, etc.). Well, your Dad was talking to the camera being very serious when all of a sudden, you pop out leaning from behind him and then disappear again behind him. I don’t think your Dad even knew you were there or did it. But every time Uncle Jeremy & I watch that, we crack up – you were so funny, you always knew how to get people to laugh and I just know you’re a hit with the angels too! I still miss you & your mom very very much, but memories like this really do make me smile. Thanks for being so much fun! I love you!

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-03-31 11:21:59


We have the winter family holiday party at our house every year with about about 60 people. Anyone that has been to our house, always gets out of their car and asks how we ever found this place. Well, one year in particular, Katie, Steve and the boys were the first to arrive. As they pulled up the driveway, they were greeted by a bunch of deer just eating grass. Once they pulled up closer to the house, the deer ran away (all but one). As Steve got out of the car, a really little deer who probably didn’t knwo any better came over to the tree near their car, looked at Steve and then took off. Katie cracked up and said, “What is this? Funny Farm?” Having seen the Steve Martin movie (Funny Farm) several times, we all cracked up laughing. As Jeremy and Kelly pulled up, they saw the deer running away. All day long, we’d look at each other and quote a famous line from the movie, “Cue the deer” and laugh all over again. Every time we see deer in our yard (which is an almost daily event), I think of Katie and we always say “cue the deer”. OK, for the people who have never seen this movie, you will have no idea why this memory of Katie is funny. So, in the spirit of Katie, go watch “Funny Farm”. On a side note, for some unknown reason, when Kevin showed up to the party, the deer were never spotted again! Wonder why….

Left by: Heather on: 2009-03-19 16:36:29


I remember going to the Stil on St. Patrick’s Day with you, Steve & Wil – yes, we had our kids in a bar. Steve (again) would be bagpiping and we’d be having green beer, corned beef & cabbage. I remember all of us being there together – Mom, Blair, Kerry, Tim, (TJ wasn’t here yet) Erin, Brian & of course Kiera (I don’t think Jeremy was even “here” yet either) If I remember correctly, Erin had her “Erin-Go-Braless” shirt on and I have a great picture of me, you, Kerry & Erin … with Steve peeking over us in the background with his classic grin) I have the best pictures of Kiera & Wil – Wil was wearing those green shamrock glasses and Kiera was bent over him … and how about the one of them standing together in front of that “bigger-than-life” cut-out model holding the tray w/ beer? We had some great pictures of them together! Just hanging together was the best. I’ve decided to find the time today to go have a green beer and remember the good times we had on St.Patty’s Day! I love you Kate – the pain is so overwhelming sometimes … then I think of times like these and I have to smile and be thankful we had them – I’m so glad to have had you for my sister. And my “nephew Wilson” – I love you. Here’s to you both – lift your glass – Cheers! and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-03-17 08:30:45


Hey Wil do you remember the last time we went camping together? Just in case you don’t I want to remind you about going to see the “nature Show”. Me and mom got down there early and saved seats for you. But after listening to the lady talk about herself for awhile me and mom decied that as soon as you guys showed up that we would pretend like we were waiting for you to pick us up. You and your dad started to walk down the path and me and my mom jumped up to meet you. You guys were so confused, so we just went back and played soccer in our camping site.

Left by: Kiera on: 2009-03-16 20:45:04


Kate & Wil – Jeremy, Kilian & I made it to the parade yesterday- Kiera danced in it again! I remember every year we all went together and sat in the same place- getting there early enough (over an hour before the parade even started!) just to make sure we got “our place”. We had a family picture taken each year- we saw the family get bigger with each new kid and could see how they grew each year. My favorite is still the one of Me & Kiera, Kerry & TJ and you guys- all of us with our green hats(every time I look at that picture I hear you & Ian yelling “Grab your green hat”). I remember Pop being there with us too- it was sad when he wasn’t there the next year but we still got the same place; it was even sadder to think about you guys not being there. I remember trying to keep the kids occupied for so long before the parade started coming down the street. Mom would bring scones and we would go for walks to get hot dogs or on the bridge that crosses the street. And the kids loved seeing the green dog every year- we didn’t see him this year either. And when Steve came bag piping, we all couldn’t be more proud & excited! That was always the highlight of the parade- of course, until last year. It was so much fun that both Kiera & Wil were in the parade for the 1st time and I so looked forward to them carrying on a “tradition” for a long time. Yesterday I realized that everything is just so different in life now and I was sad to think I wouldn’t see Wil waving from the window or Steve leading TailGate 1 with his bagpiping. But as TailGate 1 turned the corner and started coming down the street, I realized that Wil would always be in the parade- his initials were gleaming under the window where he sat and I just know that was him smiling and waving at us. We did walk by where we sat to meet up with Kiera- I just smiled thinking of you guys and the fun we had, I hope you were there watching Kiera-she wore her green hat in the parade special for you both!

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-03-16 09:44:02


I remember the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Baltimore last year. Fireman Dave was driving Tailgate 1 in the parade. Steve was invited to be in the parade as a bagpiper and he gladly accepted the invitation. He marched directly in front of Tailgate 1. Dave asked Wil to ride with him in the front seat of Tailgate 1, which Wil thought was just awesome! Wil waved to everyone who was along the parade route from the passenger window. After the parade was over, a group of us went to Canton to enjoy the Irish festivities. After most of us left to go home, Steve, Al and Dave decided to meander through Canton with Steve playing the bagpipes. People were giving Steve money to play songs they wanted to hear. Al called to share with me what they were doing. I asked “how much money has Steve made?” Al’s response was $750! Well, I was so excited that I called Katie to tell her! Wil heard the excitement in her voice and was in the background saying “what happened, what happened?” When Katie told Wil that Steve had made $750, he yelled “Yea! We’re rich!” Well, come to find out, Al was just kidding and Steve didn’t make quite that much money. Katie and Wil – Steve may not have gotten rich from his St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but we are all rich from having the two of you in our lives. I miss you both so much and think of you every single day. Love alwyas,Laurie

Left by: Laurie on: 2009-03-15 09:30:16


Just know that Jeremy will never forget you Wil. He is quick to tell everyone that you were his best friend, he just did it tonight. There is never a day that he does not mention something about you. Some days are harder then others, he can’t find a reading partner as good as you. Everyone else is too slow with the words! The playground is definitely not as much fun without your creative games. Figuring out where to sit at hot lunch always an issue. Cub Scout meetings are hard because he thinks of you, and he is actually trying to do a better job in your honor. We all missed you last week at Joey’s 6th birthday–you were always the one next to Joey in the pictures. Joey broke a wish bone with Mrs. Mirachii at school the other day, and he wished to have you and your Mom back. If only wishes came true.

Left by: Lisa on: 2009-03-14 21:07:16


Okay Katie….I actually plunged into freezing cold waters yesterday with your family and friends. It brought back memories of jumping into your Uncle Bill’s pool every year when we were kids- we couldn’t wait for it to open! However, I must tell you that the water yesterday seemed a whole lot colder than Uncle Bill’s pool…lol. Either it shows that I have gotten a lot older or it has been so long that I didn’t quite remember how that water felt- but either way- I’m really glad that I did it! I only wish that you could have been there….miss you and always thinking of you- Laura

Left by: Laura on: 2009-03-08 10:58:10


So I was walking thru the grocery store the other day and came across a display of “Spring Time” Oreo cookies and I laughed out loud. You see Katie swore that the themed Oreos tasted better. It could be the Halloween orange Oreos, Pink for Valentines, or Red for Christmas etc. Katie always bought them and would try and convince me that they tasted better. I would always tell her that they just added dye to the filling there is NO difference, but Katie said that they do indeed tasted yummier! I will buy a package this year and try again to see the difference and Katie I’ll eat one for you to. Love and miss both you and Wilson every day. ~Love, Jenn

Left by: Jenn on: 2009-03-06 13:13:14


Snow – finally! I remember when you, me & Kerry all hung out together in your backyard playing with Kiera, Wil & TJ. I have the BEST pictures from that day – Kiera & Wil would take turns “sledding” down your little, tiny hill with TJ. It warms my heart how closely we were raising our kids and breaks it now that you & Wil aren’t here to see all of our kids grow into adults. But I know you’ll be watching us. I look at the picture taken from up on the shed/fort of Kiera & Wil making snow angels and baby TJ laying in the snow right next to them! I know Wil is that angel he was making and will always be Kiera’s, Kilian’s, TJ’s and Ian’s special angel. Love you!

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-03-02 11:26:13


Katie I just want you to know that your Mom does not pay up as promptly as you when a bet has been lost! TV is just not the same….no Idle, no Dancing with the Stars, etc. and I keep a bottle of Keiken around all the time on your recommendation. I miss your joy and zest for life….I miss you! Debbie

Left by: Debbie on: 2009-02-24 13:40:51


Dear Wil I have many memories of you!!! When i always went to recess with Wil and played with him or played tag it was so much fun!! I extremly miss him not being there. Leslie Amrein from St.John the Evangelist

Left by: Ellen on: 2009-02-19 21:42:25


Hi, Katie, Just thinking about you at this particular moment while I’m sitting here at work. I went to the concert on 2/8/09 and really enjoyed it. Don did an outstanding job getting this together, what a caring friend/neighbor. After seeing Erin with the necklace I just had to have one and was glad they had them at the concert – I love it. Always thinking about you and Wil. Love, Aunt Dar

Left by: Darlene (Aunt Dar) on: 2009-02-19 11:58:37


What a beautiful concert held on Sunday, February 8, so many wonderful songs were played during this event. One song that was played was “My Heart Will Go On” during the playing of the song Nicole and I looked at each and remembered when Katie, Nicole and I along with Wilson who was an infant still at the time going to the movies to see the film The Titanic. As the three of us sat there crying Katie nursed Wilson. This was his first movie that he went to and I’m glad he got to share it with his Aunt Nicole and Aunt Jenn. I will share a line from the song ~ “Every night in my dreams – I see you. I feel you. – That is how I know you go on. – Near, Far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on” Katie and Wil you will be in my heart for ever ~ Until we meet again love you always Jenn

Left by: Jenn on: 2009-02-18 16:45:41


The Chesapeake Concert Band’s benefit performance on Feb 8th was so moving. We are so grateful to all the members but especially to Don Mattes, without him this event would not have been the success it was. So many of the songs they chose to play had more meaning for me than I thought. But I was deeply touched when they played the theme from ET. Last summer Wil and I watched ET (it was the first time he ever saw it) and he wasn’t a bit embarrassed to let me see the tears in his eyes at the end. He didn’t understand why ET had to leave but accepted my explanation that ET would always be in Elliott’s thoughts (when ET points to Elliott’s head and says “I’ll be right here”). Now I think of this as my own foreshadowing of the events to come. Wil, you will always be with me in all my waking thoughts and, like ET & Elliott,you and your mom will always be close to my heart. I love you Wil, Mom-mom; I love you Katie, Mom

Left by: Patricia on: 2009-02-14 09:14:33


Kelly’s story about “plunging” reminds me about Katie’s unplanned 2008 Polar Bear Plunge. I, of course, was already registered to plunge with the “Purple Bus Tailgaters”. Kate saved me a spot on the Tailgating Taskforce bus to Sandy Point and she planned to come along for moral support. Of course, after being there and getting caught up in the moment (plus a couple of shots of VanGogh Double Espresso vodka), Katie decides it would be fun to plunge. Not having brought a bathing suit, her response was “I’m wearing underwear (I thought, “thank God”), I’m going in!” – and sure enough, she plunged (did wear a tee shirt over top,as well) and wow, was it cold!Tthis year, however, the Polar Bear plunge just didn’t seem like it would be as much fun for me so I didn’t go. Now there is a chance for me to do a plunge and have it really mean something – the Marshy Point Nature Center Popsicle Plunge is coming up March 7th and there will be a team representing Katie and Wil. I AM GOING IN – HOW ABOUT YOU?!?! Contact Kelly: for info. Pat

Left by: Patricia on: 2009-02-13 09:50:56


Ok – 1 more real quick. Now that I’m getting this Popsicle Plunge team together for you guys, it takes me back to when we were young and always wanted to be the 1st one to get in the pool when we took the cover off (whether it was Uncle Bill’s or G’s). So, we’d all stand around dipping our toes in and shivering until someone FINALLY jumped in and could claim “I WAS THE 1st ONE IN THIS YEAR”. (At Uncle Bill’s pool when we were REALLY young, it would be us and Sean & Angie & Janette & Ericka! Wow – those really were the days!) Just like when you sent me the picture that you took from mom’s backporch of my brand new pool – you sent it on Nov. 7th at 12:15pm with “Pretty liner” as the text. Then you called me and said you were going to go over and ask the guys installing it if you could jump in real quick so that you could say you were the 1st one in. I’m sure if I would have said yes, you probably would have, but I’ll make sure when we take the cover off that I am in before Kiera this year for you – just like I’ll be “plunging” for the 1st time, just for you and Wil. You know I love you guys!

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-02-12 17:19:41


Ok Nephew Wilson … speaking of singing & dancing … I remember how handsome you were at my wedding. You were so much fun. AND you actually did the Cha-Cha Silde with us!!! You were so awesome – you jumped right in and danced side-by-side with us. You were so cool! I love watching my video because of you! I have 5 favorite parts in the video – 3 are because of you, 1 because of your mom and Aunt Kerry and 1 because of Uncle Jeremy. I’ll tell all about them later. Wanted to leave this one 1st – I just loved doing the Cha-Cha slide with you … and everything else we did while you were here – thanks for making my life so much fun! I promise I’ll keep having fun and I’ll think about you and your mom whenever I’m smiling! Love, Aunt Kelly

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-02-12 17:09:37


Katie – as I’m sitting here and listening to Black-Eyed Peas blaring from Kiera’s room, I just think of the times you would be trying to teach Kiera to dance … and then both of you singing too, of course it was songs like “…my lovely lady lumps” and “…my milkshakes brings all the boys to the yard” (or something like that). You guys had such a fun time dancing & singing and all I could do was shake my head because I know Kiera’s gonna be singing it and dancing like “that” anyways. So, now anytime Kiera “tries” to dance, I can only think “thanks Kate – for the good times … and teaching Kiera to dance.” I love you everytime I hear music – and all the time I’m awake! Forever thinking about you and Wil.

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-02-12 17:03:56


Gosh what do I say? I sit here and cry with regret that we didn’t spend more time. I take that with me everyday and cherish time and try to spend more with my friends and family. Katie was one of the funniest people I know especially when she was with Steve. I was lucky to spend almost everyday with her for two years in x-ray school. I have so many good memories but one bad replays in my head and I regret it Katie. We had a fight one day in x-ray school and I forever regret that day. I can never take back that moment and I’m sorry Katie. I was young and have learned a lot of lessons since then. I miss you and I’m sorry we didn’t spend more time together. Thanks for the laughs.-Jess

Left by: Jessica on: 2009-02-12 14:41:05


I stopped at a light today and happened to glance over at a McDonald’s. Katie- I cannot believe that you convinced me that it would be a great idea to get our first jobs at the McDonald’s by White Marsh mall. And why did I always seem to be put under that horrible french fry lamp right after one of Kelly’s crazy parties??? So you turned 16 in December and moved on to work at California Smoothie, but I didn’t turn 16 until June and was stuck at the good old McDonald’s without you for awhile. I was so excited and could not wait to be back together again at California Smoothie. All I can remember is teasing our bangs and spraying them with a ton of Salon Selectives hair spray (always at your house) and putting on our white collared work shirts with the strawberry patch on the corner. We must have tried every yogurt combination and made ourselves sick sometimes working there. I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you today and I really miss those times with you.

Left by: Laura on: 2009-02-11 21:07:29


I have been wondering what to say on here for months, and today after the benefit concert for Katie and Wil, I have decided to say something. I knew Katie and Wil through Kerry, I remember the day I was getting married Kerry was my maid of honor and while we were getting ready Kerry said that Katie had called her and wanted to come see us before we left, just because she loved weddings and seeing people all dressed up. I know it isn’t much but it is a great memory that I have, she just made everyone around her feel special and loved. I never knew you guys that well, but I think of you both everyday, and I miss you. My thoughts and prayers are with all of your family and friends everyday.

Left by: holly on: 2009-02-08 18:10:15


Wil I keep remembering the time we all got together at my house beause it had snowed. Your mom was so excited. We had lunch and sent you,nick and samantha out side to sled. We watched from inside,it was too cold for us. When you had gotten to my house I didn’t have enough sleds,so I made nick ride down the hill on a plastic vegtable tray. It was fast then you guys were fighting over it. We couldn’t stop laughing about that for days. Even when I think if it now I smile. You made such an impression on our hearts we love you.

Left by: nicole on: 2009-02-07 22:11:37


I was going through my closet one day and remembered a memorie of Wil, Kiera, and I. We were over Mrs.Pats. We were so bored so we went downstairs and tried to think of what to do. We decided it would be fun to go into the downstairs hallway closter and play games and color in it. We were in there for about 10 minutes and then realized that we were sitting on hard plastic tubs. We told Wil to go back out and get pillows and blankets. He did and got more than he could carry. Next we snuck upstairs and looked for all the flashlights and took them downstairs. Then Ian came in and we were squished. We made Ian sit on Kieras lap and we were in there for about 3 hours. Now when we go over there it’s not as fun without Wil there. MISS YOU WIL!!!!!!!!!!!

Left by: Heather on: 2009-02-07 10:54:48


Katie and Wil, not a day has passed that I haven’t thought of you and prayed for your family. Although we hadn’t been in touch for a while, the times we shared will remain vivid memories. Especially the Topsail vacations and happy hour on the deck. Matthew keeps pictures in his room of Wil and him at the beach. Wil, the two of you got along so well and had such great times together. He still recounts the fun times: at your house in the ‘fort’ and on the trampoline; playing in Mom-mom Ginny’s pool; playing in the sand and ocean at the beach; Miss Kate giving him his first buzz-cut on the deck; bowling party; laser tag; and most recently he reminisces about sledding down the double hill at PHES! And Katie, remember the ‘Corona’ commercial that you so creatively wrote, produced, directed and filmed?!! You both touched so many lives with your energy, laughter and friendship. You are loved and will always be missed by us all! Love, MaryPat, Matthew, Ryan and Nick

Left by: MaryPat on: 2009-02-04 12:37:49


I have just returned from the Blue & Gold Dinner for Wil’s Boy Scout troop. Wil was awarded the Spirit of The Eagle Award tonight and we all were there to hear the wonderful things people had to say. Steve, in his acceptance speech, noted how appropriate it was that this award be given on the night of Wil’s birthday. I know that even without this award, Wil would have achieved success in his life. This just proves that others believe that as well. Wil, I miss you and your Mom more and more every day. Love, Mom-Mom.

Left by: Patricia on: 2009-01-31 21:52:36


#PART 2 The year 2000 is a new millennium this is a great year to be born. The weather is snowy, rainy and icy today. The roads are going to be scary to drive on but you’re going to be worth it! The Ram’s won the Super Bowl tonight. I’ve set in my apartment ALL sat in my apartment all day pigging out on junk food. I talk to your Mom earlier and she was getting ready to eat a French bread pizza. We talk all the time on the phone! Hopefully she will not yell at you if you’re on the phone all the time. If she does you’ll have to remind her of the times her and I spent gabbing on the phone. Well, I’m off to see you born. I can’t wait to see if you’ll be a BOY or GIRL. Whatever you are know that I love you!!! Love Aunt Jenn P.S. If your Mom or Dad say NO, call me I’ll figure out a way to let you get what you want.”

Left by: Jenn on: 2009-01-31 15:56:30


The year 2000 was a new Millennium and the stores were filled with novelties to commutate it. I bought into the whole idea and purchased a time capsule. Enclosed in the time capsule are letters from friends and other various items. I also enclosed a letter written to the then unborn baby of Katie and Steve. I planned on giving it to him or her on May 24, 2016, the day the time capsule could be reopened. I would like to share this letter with you and Wilson now. This letter was written January 31, 2000 in the middle of the night a few hours before your birth. “Dear Wilson/Kayla, I’ve just taken the call from your Mom, you should be here soon! Wow, it only seems like yesterday that you’re Mom and I found out that you were coming into this world. Now the day has come that you’re going to enter our lives. I can’t help but, to feel both happy and scared. I feel happy because I get to see you and hold you. I can’t wait to see you grow into a beautiful young-man. During the past seven years of your Mom’s and mine friendship I have seen her grow into a great wonderful person. I just know she will be a great Mom to you. You are blessed to have a mother like her. I hope she is as good of a friend to you as she is to me. I mentioned that I feel scared, well I feel scared because I wonder what the world will be like for you. Will you have a place to ride your bike, a beach to hear the wave’s crash on? I pray that you will. I also pray that your mother and will stay the best of friends. You’re coming a month early. You really want into this world. I hope your well and don’t need to stay long at the hospital. Oh. I’m not a great speller – I sure hope you are! I wonder if you’ll be a great swimmer or a super singer. I haven’t seen you yet but I feel as if I know you already. I care about you so much. The year 2000 is a new millennium this is a great year to be born. The weather is snowy, rainy and icy today.

Left by: Jenn on: 2009-01-31 15:54:22


I can remember when Wil was first born. Tim and I were supposed to be going away to the Bahamas. Well of course Wil had to come early so Tim and I only got to see him for about an hour. I was so upset that we had to go away. I can remember Katie actually saying that labor was “fun” and she could do it again with no problems. Even when we came back from the Bahamas, we still didn’t get to see Wil that night because he was back in the hospital for jaundice. My birthday is tomorrow and I’m so happy for all the birthdays that we got to share together. I can’t imagine not having you sitting next to me while everyone sings to us and we blow the candles out together. My birthday wish this year is to know that Wil and Katie are at peace and that I will find peace with this someday.

Left by: Kerry on: 2009-01-31 12:24:23


Happy Birthday Wilson~ love ya Aunt Jenn

Left by: Jenn on: 2009-01-31 07:04:06


I remember watching Wil one day at our old townhouse. This had to be three or four years ago, I cant remember exactly. He was still all about looking at trains. At the end of our street were the train tracks, so we decided to go see if we would see any trains. We took a walk through the woods, jumping over the mud puddles and found a good spot to sit on a log and watch for trains. I believe two or three went by while we sat there, probably for an hour or so. We just sat on the log and threw rocks at a tree. I miss spending time with you and Katie. Wil, you have such a childs spirit, but yet you could sit and hold a great conversation with anyone, including adults. I miss you. You will always be in my thoughts. And Kate, I still cant erase the last text message you sent me. I look at it often, as it makes me feel like we can stilltalk to each other. I miss you. I love you both.

Left by: Jeremy on: 2009-01-30 10:18:03


Hi, Katie: I am sitting here at work (supposed to be working)thinking about you and seeing you walking across the parking lot to the Riverwatch dragging that big ass cooler for Erin and Brian. I will never forget you looking back at us and we just busted out laughing. God it’s so hard to believe that you’re not here. Everyone misses you a great deal! Love, Aunt Dar

Left by: Darlene (Aunt Dar) on: 2009-01-29 13:39:15


Wilson… I have such great memories. I have one that sticks out in my mind so strongly it was the day that I took him to Dutch Wonderland back in the summer of 2003. For those of you that have never been let me paint a picture… you walk into the front gates of the park and you run right smack into a Train ride that goes around the park. “We have to ride it 1st” Wilson said. Well by the end of the day I think we rode that train 20 times! It and up being a joke with him… it got to the point that the conductor was just letting us stay on because he saw how much he was enjoying himself. Wilson was such a kind boy ~ I was and I’m still honored to be his Godmother. I love you Wilson… even though we did not do as many things together these past couple of years I hope you know that I thought about you ALL the time and missed our times together. Love you always, Aunt Jenn

Left by: Jenn on: 2009-01-29 00:36:25


It was around this time 9 years ago that the weather was snowy, icy and rainy and Katie was put on bed rest by her OB Doctor. Wilson was trying to come early and he wasn’t due to arrive till March. I was fortunate to have stayed with Katie and Steve a lot during this time to help Katie pass the time. While on bed rest one of our friends Ryan Jedlicka came over and drew a “Friendly Bug” themed mural on the wall of the baby’s room. It took a team of sisters, family and friends to then paint the drawings’ thru out the room the next several days. I think we all had our most favorite bug that we painted. I loved the caterpillar that went from one side of the window to the next. He was brightly colored with yellow, green, red, purple – you name it and the color was in the room. Katie wanted it to be bright and happy for her baby! We finished the room just in time… Wilson James Brady came into the World at 3:12 am, January 31, 2000. He was a STAR! I remember getting the call that it was time – it was ICY, ICY, ICY outside. Katie loved Wilson SOOOO much and she loved being a Mom. I never told her but, I always looked up to her and she was an inspiration to me on how to be a good mom. I LOVE YOU Katie and Wilson you BOTH will be in my heart FOREVER! Love, Jenn

Left by: Jenn on: 2009-01-29 00:23:02


And for the second boating story: (And this one we have on video!) Kate, remember the time we were all out tubing – you were by yourself (at least I don’t think anyone was on the other tube), but anyways – Blair started to pull off and was of course focused on what was in front of the boat – not you (being behind the boat), since he had us to “spot” for any problems/issues. Well, as he pulled forward, your tube started to “submarine” under the water and instead of letting go and falling off, you held on tight and starting going under with it. We were laughing so hard because it was so funny seeing you “going down with your ship” that we could barely tell Blair to stop. Eventually he figured it out and you came up …. and if I remember correctly, you may have even still been on the tube! Thanks for the laughs … even if they were at your expense – we still love you for all of them you gave us! Wil – keep your mom laughing, like she did for us!

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-01-27 09:08:29


So, as it’s snowing outside right now, I’m thinking about the warmer times we spent together in the summer! Two “boating” stories to tell – The first:I believe both were at “Creep Deek” (as Kiera use to call Deep Creek). Kate, you were skiing and I if I recall had gone down. As Blair went to “retrieve” you, something happened to the boat and it was barely working, so we shouted to you to hurry up and get to us so that we could get back before it completely broke down. Of course, we were just yelling for you to hurry up and get to the boat – you didn’t know why, but you were in a panic as you frantically swam to the boat …. you thought there was a shark or something – yes, a shark … in Deep Creek Lake. Love your “Katieisms”

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-01-27 08:59:22


DVR- The other day something was happening n my DVR and i remembered a conversation on my patio where Katie was talkng about how great DVR is… Well why don’t you have it? Laurie told Katie I was tooooo cheap to get it. Then I relented and called Comcast and got the box. Well about 2 weeks later I sat by the fire pit with the Bradys having a glas of wine and I turned to Katie telling her how great the DVR is and then I took a bite off humble pie as Katie and Laurie chuckled at my expense! Katie, I still love DVRing and it only happened because of you. -AL Brown

Left by: AL on: 2009-01-25 10:41:14


Yesterday, I was at Aunt Kate’s and there was snow on the ground. Ian wanted to play in it and he wanted me to play with him to. This remined me of me and Wil in the snow. Ian grabbed a stick. It was probaly 5 years ago, and we had a major snow storm. Perry Hall always got more snow than us. It turned out that we were at the Brady’s house. All of us wanted to play in the snow. We put on our snow gear and went outside. Wil picked up a stick and said: Lets make a snow tunnel. That sounded like a good idea instead of a snowman of snow fort. We started biuldind this by crawling through the snow and running into each other. After awhile we got the hang of things. Eventually we had a major snow tunnel. Wil then wanted us all to crawl through it. Me and him fit, the adults had to watch. Then he decieded that he wanted to go sleding, so we went sledding for a little while, and then came home had hot chocolate and fondu, and me and my mom ended up crashing at their house.

Left by: Kiera on: 2009-01-21 21:29:32


Once mom-mom had called us a few times the adults started to worry. Then our hideout became a game. All the men were running outside calling our names trying to find us, but never could. They finally looked in the closet, but didn’t see us. We wanted to let them try a few more times. Eventually, I told you we had to go out, because they were probaly about to file missing childrens reports with the police. There was only one way we were allowed to leave though, we had to wait for someone to open the closet then scare them. It was another 15 minutes. Then your dad(Uncle Steve) opened the door we jumped out scared him and laughed histarically. We were in that closet for about 4 hours, one of them was the game.Don’t tell anyone, but I still climb in the closet, squish over as far as I can get back out bring in all of the pillows, take a flashlight and the magizines and read outloud, hoping you can hear me and read along.

Left by: Kiera on: 2009-01-21 21:17:25


Hey, Wil remember when we I would come home from school on the days when you would have off. Well, one the funniest days that we had together was when I came home from school, you were done your homework and I had none, so we decied to play with Ian. Eventually, we decieded that we wanted to play alone like we always had before Ian. We needed a place to hide a place of our own. Outside was weather dependent, mom-mom’s closet to messy and obvious. How about the downstairs hallway closet that was just right. When we first climed in we almost couldn’t fit but we figured it out, I was squished and you had all the room in the world. We then realized that we were sitting on cold hard bins, so we borrowed without asking the pillows from the couch. Then more things started to dissapear(flashlights, books, crayons). All the adults noticed, but didn’t care because anyone of the three of us could have had the stuff. Dinner was ready, we heard mom-mom call for us, but were having so much fun that we decieded to stay in the closet. We were probaly in there for about three hours straight before dinner. The funny part was that G was sitting in the livingroom and didn’t notice us going in and out. The story will be continued…

Left by: Kiera on: 2009-01-21 21:09:33


I remember when, my daughter Nicole gave birth to my granddaughter, Samantha …. A mere few hours after she delivered…Katie and Jenn showed up ,at the Hospital, to visit Nicole, dressed in full evening gowns …that they got from Goodwill , that looked like they were from the 1930’s They were stopped by the nurses station , the poor nurse thought they were a couple of crazy kooks …when the doctor seen them, he was laughing hysterically… Katie and Jenn explained who they were and the Doctor personally, took them back for a visit… While Nicole was recovering from a “ C ” Section delivery, Katie and Jenn dressed Nicole with Funny sunglasses, make up and a Tiara …Trust me , it’s true, there are photographs to prove it You see …I tell you these few stories for a reason …. The reason ….is for the “Memories”… for you see , as long as we remember the stories and the great times we enjoyed with Katie and Young Wilson ,,,They will live with us, in our hearts forever Each day, each hour, each minute, is special. May God Bless dear Katie and Young Wil And let us remember them forever Emery Coccia ( Nicole’s Dad ) Jan 16th 2009

Left by: Emery & Mellie on: 2009-01-16 20:25:30


Smiles …. Hugs ….Warmth ……Happiness …Joy …Laughter …..a sincere embrace of affection …..Love for others …. And yes even more smiles …. If you remember looking at the hundreds of photographs at the Church services for Katie and young Wilson … you would have noticed , that’s what Katie and Young Wilson were all about Smiles …. Hugs ….Warmth ……Happiness …Joy and Love for others I write these few words today as a friend … You see I had the pleasure and the privilege of knowing Katie because she and My Daughter .Nicole , along with Jennifer , were best of friends … They all met when they were about 14 yrs old ..They , “the 3 Amigo “ , did everything together … Proms , Graduation , Cutting school together ( of course , as a parent , I found this out well after Graduation ) The trips to Ocean City … They even shared ….Advising each other on who to date They shared there weddings days together… and before the weddings ,,they shared the planning of those weddings ………and who could ever forget those wild and crazy Bacholarette parties …. I of course, as Nicole’s Father , I only heard the stories about them Naturally and most important they shared and enjoyed the bringing of there wonderful children into the world .. The 3 Amigo’s ,,, Katie , Nicole and Jenn spoke to each other just about everyday …if not more …. They Shared the good times and they celebrated life together Katie Nicole and Jenn enjoyed the privilege of being best friends …they were more like sisters They planned the parties together… The parties at Katie’s and Steve’s House every summer …each party had a theme and if invited you had to come dressed for the theme ….one year, was a Cowboy and Indian Party ( trust me …I did not look good in a Cowboy Hat ) The Circus Party, I remember, Steve sitting in the dunking booth and we watched the kids hitting the target to make him drop in the water to be contiued ….

Left by: Emery & Mellie on: 2009-01-16 20:23:26


Katie- This cold weather tonight brought back another funny memory of ours together. We were so excited to start a warm fire in the fireplace at your house. We found some newspaper to roll up and had perfectly placed the logs into the fireplace. As we stood back- so proud of ourselves- admiring our beautiful fire….the smoke started to pour into the house and not out the chimney. All of your pets started running to the back door…Rocky and Samson were barking- and we panicked! Thankfully Chris McKechnie was there to run in and open the flue. We never forgot to open the flue again and laughed hysterically while trying to shut off all of the smoke detectors in your house. Thanks again for making me smile and I will never forget our many memories together. Love, Laura

Left by: Laura on: 2009-01-15 16:05:39


i dont have a specific memory but i do and always will remember how katie always cheered everyone she new up whenever she was aroubd someone, how she decorated for christmas and had her crazy summer time parties. she was just a good friend a great person to have in your life. now wilson i have a specific memory of that always make me laugh. it was at gwens christmas party when i first met wilson about 6 or 7 years ago i guess and i was playing with him and he seemed to be having fun but then i picked up his cousin gabby and he screamed at me to “PUT HER DOWN!” it was so funny everyone one was laughing. he was always a funny guy and like his mom could cheer anyone up. we love them very much, steve and ian too. love aubrey and jonathan

Left by: aubrey on: 2009-01-14 16:06:59


Katie, Kerry and I were best friends – Katie & I a little closer – Kerry & Katie a little closer … but we were all best friends. Every holiday/party/gathering .. every occasion, there would always be one picture of the 3 of us together. My 2 favorites were the ones Katie gave me as our wedding “thank you-gift” – it was from when the 3 of us took dance together and were standing out front of the house – Katie kneeling in the middle, Kerry & I on each side holding hands with Katie and our other arm up – we were each in our “tutus” and what a funny picture it is. Then on the other side of the frame are the 3 of us in the same place, same positions only many many years later – Katie in her wedding gown, Kerry & I in our bridesmaid dresses – how beautiful she was. We came a long way and our friendships stayed strong. I loved every minute of the time we spent together as sisters and will never forget for a second who have been my best friends: Katie, I’ll cherish you always – Kerry, we’ll stick together and NEVER let anyone forget our friendships …. or our sister!

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-01-13 16:04:57


Katie, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you…. Love, Renae

Left by: Renae on: 2009-01-12 14:43:45


Wil – I remember all of us going to the VFW parties every Easter, Halloween and Christmas. At first it was just you & Kiera for a few years – best of buddies! You guys spent so much time together and had so much fun. The pictures of the both of you with Easter Bunny & Santa, sitting on their lap together every year…. you guys getting older & bigger with each picture – it was amazing to see you two grow that way. Kiera loves you very much. Then came TJ and he started coming with us. And for a few years, it was you three and what a great time you guys always had! And finally, along came Ian and you were so good making sure he got to do everything and even helped him play the games. Don’t worry – Kiera will take care of him the way she did with you. But, I have to admit, I think the best parties were when I got to take you guys by myself – I cherish the time we got to spend together. Finally, Kilian came along and you got to go to one party with him – I’m glad so glad that for once, I had all of you for one party. I think the best party we went to was this past Halloween – your last one – you won the costume contest with your Michael’s Phelps costume that your mom worked so hard on making. (She’d call me everyday for my opinion of how to make those medals!) But you were soooo excited to have won – I don’t think you had ever won before and your prize was so cool! I said how cool the basket/bucket was that it came in and you, being the giving person you were, said I could have it (after you took out all the candy & toys, of course) Thanks for the good times we spent together and being such a good friend to Kiera! I will always love you very very much – nephew Wilson!

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-01-12 14:43:35


Hi, Katie! 2 months/2 days and it’s still hard to believe that you’re not here.You’re thought about every day! This message is also for Steve,Pat,Kelly,Kerry,Kevin,Ms. Ginny,etc.-there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how you’re doing.And as I’ve told you all, if I can ever be of any help, I’m just a phone call away.Take care. Love, Aunt Dar

Left by: Darlene (Aunt Dar) on: 2009-01-09 11:49:38


I TOTALLY remember that trip like it was yesterday! Well, of course, except for the picture that was taken of two sailors holding me sideways in the middle of Times Square! (That was after being prisoners at the restaurant, so you can imagine we had a few drinks.) But what I remember being the most fun was having wine in the hotel room before we even left to go out & Katie singing “Kiss” and then all three of us standing on the window sill, ~ 20 stories up, facing out to New York City so everyone could see us dancing! What a great time that was! And you can ask Kerry to see the video sometime – I’m so thankful we have that. I don’t think anyone could have topped that bachelorette party. Thanks for the fun times, Kate – I’ll NEVER forget ANY of them…. or you! Loving and missing you guys always!

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-01-09 09:03:57


My mom, Kelly, Katie, Becki and I went to NY for Kelly’s bachlorette party. We saw a play and had a great time at the restaurent where we were held captive (long story). The next day we decided to do some touring. We went to SoHo where Katie and I had such fun going in and out of the stores bargaining with people on things we really didn’t want and then turning away only for them to try to come back at us with a better deal. When we went into one of the purse “stores”, we actually both picked out similar purses from different sides of the store. Mine didn’t have a “label” on it so one of the ladies said “I put Prada on there. I put Prada on for you.” But I wanted Dolce&Gabbana and loe and behold, they had their own personal Dolce&Gabbana seamstris there that must also work for Prada. We were cracking up when some tourist asked the ladies running the store how they are able to sell these designer purses so cheap. We just lost it after that and couldn’t stop laughing. It was my first time really going places in New York and she had a fun way of showing everything. I always hoped that we would get to go back up to NY to do some more bargaining in and out of the shops. I’ll treasure that purse forever due to all the memories from that day. Love you both now & forever. XOXO

Left by: Kerry on: 2009-01-08 23:51:08


Kerry, Steve and I were talking about this today while Ian was kicking butt in Wii bowling. Katie use to be on a bowling team and actually won a county bowling tournament (I think it was county … maybe state?) Anyways, she won a scholarship that was for a few hundred dollars … we laughed because she couldn’t use it until college and that was ~5 years away! It’s funny because when she finally did get to use, it just about covered the cost of the books! Well if Ian keeps practicing on Wii, maybe one day he’ll win a bowling scholarship – just like his mom  Always loving and missing you Kate & Wil!

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-01-08 17:35:20


Today marks 2 mos & we all miss Katie & Wil so very much. For me not a second goes by without thinking of you both. Katie, I miss our everyday talks, even if just for a moment to hear your plans & how you’d try to squeeze more time out of your day (only you could get 25 hrs out of a 24-hour day). I marvel at what you accomplished – not just in your day-to-day life, but also goals you set and achieved. Wil, I miss your silly jokes (we’d do the “knock-knock, who’s there, banana” joke a hundred times & still laugh like it was the first time). Sneaking up on me in the kitchen, you’d yell “boo”, always scaring the daylights out of me. I still hear your voice when I get in the car saying “Mom-Mom, you forgot to lock your doors” – even when I had, you’d try to trick me into thinking I hadn’t. My favorite memory of you, Wil, will always be when you were about 3 & watching TV with me. Out of the clear blue sky, you wrapped your arms around me and said “I love you, Mom-Mom”. Then & there I’d have bought you the moon. You captured my heart from the minute I watched you come into the world but that moment sealed the deal for me. Katie, I was so proud of you during both of your deliveries. You amazed me when you did everything you were told during the time Wil tried to make his early entrance (probably one of the rare occasions when you listened to your doctor). You struggled to endure almost 12 hrs on a magnesium drip to stop your labor with Steve by your side every step of the way. Even then you and Steve proved what wonderful parents you would become. I promise Ian will know every silly dance you ever did with him and Wil. He’ll learn the words to Maxwell’s Silver Hammer; but, I’ll leave it to Steve to make sure Ian comes to appreciate “They Might Be Giants”. I can’t even hum one of their songs so that in itself makes me ineligible to teach him. Most importantly, Ian will truly know what a beautiful family you and Steve created. I love you, I miss you, and I know, one day, we wi

Left by: Patricia on: 2009-01-07 17:04:47


I don’t remember what year it was, but I believe Kelly had just came home from Nebraska with Kiera for good. I hadn’t talked to Kelly since she came home right after Kiera was born. I happened to run into Katie somewhere, and she said she had a friend she wanted to hook me up with, since I was single at the time. A little time went by and I figured she forgot or something. Well, after Kelly and I started dating in 2002, Katie and I were talking one evening and she told me that the “friend” that she had planned to set me up with actually was Kelly. We both had a good laugh, since it never happened, but she looked right at me and said, “I knew you two would get together anyway.” Katie, I miss you so much. I always loved being able to tell you everything and you would always give me the perfect advice. I am so glad that I was able to get to know you so well over all these years. Love always, your “big brother” Jeremy

Left by: Jeremy on: 2009-01-06 07:55:20


So, Katie took me to the game a couple years ago – it wasn’t in their seats, but it was just her & I in REALLY good seats! Before we left, we joked about painting our faces – we were back & forth whether or not to, then we were each offered $20 from Jeremy & Cameron so that was the turning point! “Do you know how much beer costs at the games?!?!” We both went right upstairs and painted purple masks around our eyes – we looked hot! I loved being crazy with her – she made everything fun … no matter how stupid we may have looked, it didn’t matter because we were there together having fun …. and beer! God, I love her so much – please have fun with her & Wil

Left by: Kelly on: 2009-01-05 14:38:14


Thanks for yesterday Katie. Is a return engagement upcoming on 2/1/09…..Ravens vs. Eagles?

Left by: Debbie on: 2009-01-05 09:38:11


I remember one time after Ian was born Katie and I were on the phone talking about breast feeding and pumping. I had just found out I was pregnant with Luke and I had a lot of questions. Well, further along in the conversation I told her I had to ask her something but, I was afraid she was going to think that I was weird. She said, let me guess you want to watch me pump. Yep. that was it. So, one day at work she called me into the little room where she was pumping and she said, you know this is taking our friendship to the next level. I was amazed, I don’t know what I was expecting to see. I guess I thought it was going to be one stream not several!! Anyway, that is what you call true friendship!! In addition to the story about Katie telling Wil where babies come from…I think the funniest part was that Wil thought that you threw up the baby!! Wil, I miss you too. You were such a wonderful little boy. You both will be missed dearly. Love, Renae

Left by: Renae on: 2009-01-03 22:25:17


Katie, I miss you so much! It doesn’t feel like the days are getting any easier. It still doesn’t seem real. I am grateful for the years of friendship we had together. I have so many memories of us and each time I think of one I smile. You were are wonderful friend, mother and wife. You were always there when I had a parenting question, you were my “Go To” person. Whenever I needed anything you were there for me and I will treasure that forever. I think about you ALL the time and I will never forget you EVER. I love and miss you forever………Love, Renae

Left by: Renae on: 2009-01-03 22:11:07


I believe it was this past summer down Topsail, but I can remember Kiera and Wil playing “King of the Hill” on top of a mound of sand. Us “adults” were egging them on. We cheered the both of them on and even though Kiera is a lot taller than Wil, he put up an AWESOME fight!

Left by: Kerry on: 2009-01-03 14:59:40


katie and Wil, I promise to start every new day as a blessing and a gift. Thank you for reminding me of that. Julie

Left by: Julie on: 2009-01-01 07:00:07


tonight was the first time in a long time I haven’t heard the bag pipes on new year eve. Steve, we missed that. From Nebraska, your in our prayers.

Left by: Julie on: 2009-01-01 06:58:15


Best friends are the sisters that you get to choose. I am sorry I never told you that before. I love you and I miss you. Happy New Year. I am lucky to have been able to share such special moments with you and jenn. They are all memories that I will charish in my heart forever. Thank you for being my friend.

Left by: nicole on: 2009-01-01 04:17:09


It is now 2009. I can remember many New Year’s Eve nights spent at Katie and Steve’s house. We would of course sing karaoke or play games and then we would all run outside and make a bunch of noise while Steve played the bagpipes. Even though the last couple of years we didn’t spend New Year’s together, I always knew we would call each other and I would hear the bagpipes in the background. I’m sure it was a quiet night on Soth Avenue and we are all missing you terribly. All my love to you Katie and Wil.

Left by: Kerry on: 2009-01-01 00:30:19


Today I was reading the book that Aunt Kate was reading(Twilight), and I thought about when we were down at the beach. I was raeding the last Harry Potter book, and Aunt Kate wanted to read it also, so I let her borrow the book. Well the next day she gave back on the beach. I was amazed that she read it in one night. Then I started to read and she said; do you want to know what happens in the last chapter? I just had to ask if she read the whole book, she didn’t just the last chapter. I love you

Left by: Kiera on: 2008-12-30 20:10:11


I just wanted to say what a great young lady Katie was to my daughter Jenn and how Wil put joy into Jenn’s life ,I never knew that Katie took Wil to Jenns apartment to spend the night so Jenn would not be alone the night she found out her brother had passed away.what a wonderful friend she made to my daughter.I remember some funny times with the three.. Jenn,Nicole and Katie,playing dress up, taking Mr.Stud (a blow up man) to ALL kinds of places.sharing time at her wedding and her at home parties like(christmas in july) 15 or more lighted snowmen out in the yard,WHAT FUN SHE WAS.The last time i saw and spoke to Katie she was doing a kind deed for Jenn and her new baby Evan,she took the new baby boy outfit home to wash and brought it back to her to bring the baby home in.Like I said Katie was a wonderful friend to Jenn,my reget is i that I didn’t tell her thank you for being there for Jenn,Thank you Katie and Wil for loving my daughter Jenn.And by the way Steve and all of Katie’s family thank you for being Jenn’s friend too.

Left by: Pam (Jenn\’s ) mom on: 2008-12-30 16:21:45


Hi Katie, Brent and I joined everyone else who celebrated your birthday yesterday (Saturday). It was a great turnout – you sure have a lot of people who love you. Remember when you said to me at Erin’s bachelorette dinner how we never get to go out and have a drink together, well, I had 3 last night (1 for me and 2 for you!!). I was the designated driver!!! I also discussed this with your mom first to make sure it was okay to share this “Katie” memory. How lucky I was to have you on vacation in O.C. with us and you just had to become a WOMAN on my time!!!!! If my senior memory serves me right, you were a little upset and so was I so I hurried up and got a hold of your mom. She reassured you that everything would be okay and off to the the store I went. Got me in practice for my daughters. Miss you Kate and I really do think about you every day. I know that God is taking good care of you because you’re a good person. Love, Aunt Dar

Left by: Darlene (Aunt Dar) on: 2008-12-28 19:16:25


Am I the last one??? Did I do it? I think I did – I”m the last one to wish you a happy birthday! Wahoo! I remember every year making that call and singing to you as loud as we could, holding the phone out in front so you could hear all 3 of us! So, today I’ll sing at the top of my lungs so that I know you hear me up there! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE … loving and missing you always!

Left by: Kelly on: 2008-12-27 16:25:31


Happy Birthday, Katie. I can almost hear Wil singing his “cha cha cha”s. I miss you both so very much every single day and I am not sure why I chose today to enter a memory. Every waking moment my head is swimming with memories of you and Wil and my heart feels as if it is breaks a little more with each one. Not everyone knows how our family celebrates birthdays. It was decided awhile ago that with so many birthdays we would pair up an adult with one of the children and have a joint pizza birthday celebration (the type of cake should have been the child’s choice). The only problem was none of the kid’s had a birthday close to Kate’s to celebrate. Of course, leave it to Kate – she picked “baby Jesus” to co-celebrate her birthday, and of course she got to pick the cake. Lately, it was this decadently triple chocolate concoction from Costco and no one every complained. Katie – my birthday promise to you, today, is that I will do my best to work with the fund and build something so wonderful to truly honor you and Wil. I always remember what you inscribed on your wedding photo gift to me: “A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.” I love you and miss you both so very much – Always in my heart , Mom.

Left by: Patricia on: 2008-12-27 10:46:26


Happy Birthday to you…cha..cha..cha! Happy Birthday to you…cha..cha..cha! Happy Birthday dear Katie…cha..cha..cha! Happy Birthday to you…cha..cha..cha! Love you always!

Left by: Kerry on: 2008-12-27 10:10:25


I was looking at the christmas tree today and I thought of this funny thing. Whenever one of us has a birthday we always have a family birthday party. Well I think that it was my fifth birthday and they had suprise birthday party. Well after the Bradys showed up Aunt Katie said don’t tell Kiera what we got her. With that being said Wil ran right up to me and said Kiera we got you an easy bake oven. I laughed my head off. He told me that with the biggest smile on his face. You are my favorite secert keeper, baecause you could never keep one long enough. I love you cous.

Left by: Kiera on: 2008-12-24 15:51:09


I don’t know if this is appropriate to put on here but I think it is a cute story. I remember Katie calling me and telling me that Wil had asked where babies come from. (Always a fun question for any parent to answer I’m sure) She told me that she didn’t want to lie to him and tell him the stork brought them yet she didn’t want to give a full explanation either. So Katie told him that mommies “pee” their babies out. Well Katie said Wil was so disgusted (I can just picture Wil’s face) and couldn’t believe that his mom peed him out in a toilet. We were both cracking up as she told me this story and it just makes me smile to remember how funny she was and how her mind worked sometimes!! Katie and Wil I think about you EVERY SINGLE DAY- miss you both so much.

Left by: Erin on: 2008-12-20 11:26:45


I am sitting at work reading this site as I usually do everyday. I don’t know what made me think of this but I was thinking about how Kerry and I would always sneak down in Katie’s room before she had friends over and we would hide so that we could spy on them-she usually found us because we were always giggling. One time we hid under Katie’s bed and while she was talking on the phone we started pulling the plug in and out on her lamp. She was so freaked out that there was a ghost she ran upstairs screaming while Kerry and I laid under the bed cracking up. I looked up to her ever since I was little…. I never had an older sister to torment so unfortunately for her- she was it! I love you so much and miss you more and more everyday.

Left by: Erin on: 2008-12-20 11:15:24


Listening to “Fran” tonight on 101.9, I smiled thinking about the time we were at mom’s and Katie just had to talk to Fran to request a song. When she finally got through, Fran asked her where she was from and she quickly responded with “Bay Country” rather than Baltimore or Chase. Yes, we quite often referred to moments like that as: “katie-isms”. I loved you and all your funny comments, Kate – and I still do and will forever!

Left by: Kelly on: 2008-12-18 21:29:23


I was sitting in TJ’s old nursey room last night thinking of how me, Katie, Kelly and even Tim painted TJ’s room and how much fun we had doing it. Katie is the most creative person I know and has helped me with many things like TJ’s birthday parties, picking out paint colors for rooms to doing the wording on my Christmas cards. I can’t imagine not having your help or advice because I looked up to you so much and miss you terribly!

Left by: Kerry on: 2008-12-17 19:39:58


Katie and Wilson I have been thinking of you both all day. Every time the telephone rings I think it could be you guys calling to serenade me a Happy Birthday tune. I looked forward to that every year and especially Wil’s “Cha-Cha-Cha”. I miss you both so much and love you both ~ Jenn

Left by: Jenn on: 2008-12-16 16:40:10


hi steve. my name is craig willinger (you don’t know me yet) and i met your good friend, al brown, last night. al came to play poker at a fundraising night for me to help with my medical bills (i have cll – a pretty bad leukemia and am going thru chemo for the second time in 1.5 yrs). well guess what? he won!!! what’s even more amazing is that he gave half of the winnings to me. so i wanted to give something back to someone who is in need this holiday season… and he mentioned your family right away! so it’s not much, but i will be mailing a small donation to you and your family in al’s honor. you have a great friend! best of luck with everything. craig.

Left by: craig on: 2008-12-16 12:02:12


I was just thinking about Katie this morning and remembered when she insisted that we go horse back riding together with her sister, Kelly. I was absolutely terrified of these huge animals! They swore that they would put me on a calm horse. So we are all following each other and crossing a small path of water. My horse decides that it wants to roll in the water and starts lowering itself completely to the ground. Kelly and Katie were both laughing and telling me to kick the horse- I was scared out of my mind!!! Anyway, I just thought I should let you know that you made me smile this morning.

Left by: Laura on: 2008-12-16 09:04:10


I just read the December 12th update about Steve. That is VERY GOOD news and I am so glad that things are moving along. Steve, while you and I really don’t know each other that well, please remember that you and Ian are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers and if there’s ever anything that I can do to help, I’m only a phone call away. Love, Aunt Dar

Left by: Darlene (Aunt Dar) on: 2008-12-15 09:23:26


As we are getting things decorated for Christmas, I found myself laughing at “my” dancing snowman, not because the novelty of it but because it’s really not my snowman. I had gotten the “lifesize” dancing snowman a few years ago for Steve as a Christmas present, only to have Katie call me to see if I wanted to “hold onto it for a while”. Apparently, it scared the “you know what” out of Wil and they couldn’t even have it out in ther house. So, Mr. Snowman came to live with us for a while, but everytime Wil came over, he would hide beind Katie or Steve as they walked by him and Wil would stay completely away from him and barely looked it him from the corner of his eye. It took a few years, but Wil came around …. except I don’t think he ever really came to trust that lifesize dancing snowman. Missing your little “quirks” Kate & Wil, but still loving your “everythings”! Hugs & Kisses 4ever

Left by: Kelly on: 2008-12-09 21:36:15


On one of our camping trips Steve and I decided to spend some male bonding time with Wil and Jeffery fishing at a nearby pond. Steve and I just watched and helped the boys as they spent a few hours reeling in a decent number small fish. After a while I decided I would try my own luck. Since we only brought the two small rods with us I improvised and found a small stick and attached a string and a hook to it. To my surprise it was successful, I caught a fish measureing in at a whopping 1 and 3/4 inches. Shorty after releasing the small fish I noticed off in the distance the park ranger making his way around to our side of the pond. Being that I did not actually have a fishing permit I decided it best to descretly discard my improvised fishing pole. A few minutes later the park ranger approached and asked if Steve and I had been fishing. We responded “No, we are just helping the kids bait their hooks.” The park ranger then wished us luck and began to walk away when Wil stands up, turns around and yells, “Yes you were uncle Mike, remember you used that stick and caught that really tiny little fish.” Wil and Katie, I will love and miss you guys forever. You will never be forgotten and will be always in my heart. Love Always, Uncle Mike

Left by: Michael on: 2008-12-09 15:33:57


Al and I live two doors up from the Brady’s and over the past few years our friendship grew into one that would last a lifetime. We have so many wonderful memories –summer evenings sitting outside drinking wine (that’s how we became wine snobs), cookouts, evening bike rides, tailgating at Ravens games, purple bus rides to so many events, Katie and Wil making Mr. Al chocolate chip cookies because they were his favorite, talking over the backyard fence, playing croquet with Wil and sitting by the fire pit talking for hours. Wil loved to help Mr. Al put wood on the fire. Al and I decided that we wanted to buy Wii, but it was sold out everywhere. Katie searched every store she went to looking for Wii and finally found it for us. We had so much fun playing all the games. One of the Wii games is where you ride a cow and the cow has to jump hurdles. Everytime Katie’s cow came to one of the hurdles she would literally jump in the air as if she was really jumping over a hurdle. She looked so funny and we all laughed at her! Mr. Al liked to make Wil and Ian their own special frozen drinks. Wil thought it was so cool to make his own drink in the blender with fruit, ice cream, soda or whatever else they could find to put in there to make it nice and sweet! So many awesome memories. We will never forget our very special friendship with Katie and Wil. We love you and miss you so very much and you will forever be in our hearts. Love always, Laurie

Left by: Laurie on: 2008-12-06 20:59:18


I remember when we went camping this past August, it was Kilian’s 1st camping trip – I’m so happy that Katie & Wil got to experience it with us!!! I think the best part was when we went for a hike – Katie, Wil, Ian, Kiera & myself. Of course, I had my camera – I was trying to take a “natural” picture of the kids walking in front of us, single file with Kiera leading, Wil following and Ian trying to keep up; but, everytime single time I took the picture, Wil turned around at the precise moment and so he was always looking right at me. This happened 4 or 5 times! Katie & I just kept laughing and laughing and Wil thought it was so funny. And, he wasn’t even doing it on purpose – he was just trying to check on Ian, who eventually did fall flat on his face and I accidentally got that picture too – with Wil turned around looking at him with the most confused look on his face. But, being the great big brother, he was the first one to get to him to make sure he was ok. Always looking out for the other kids smaller than him, that’s just one of the things that made him special! I love you guys and can’t stop thinking about you and all the fun times we had! Thanks for the great times!

Left by: Kelly on: 2008-12-05 07:10:20


Katie and I had so many fun memories together- from gradeschool at St. Joe’s into high school at Perry Hall. I will never forget our brilliant idea of sledding down Perry Hall middle schools hill on slick trash bags in the snow. We laughed so hard at the bruises we had the next day. We wanted the best costume at Skateland’s contest. So we stayed up all night making ourselves into Easter Bunnies- but that wasn’t good enough…we wanted to be connected. So we took hangers and straightened them to connect to each other and hung eggs from the hanger line. We didn’t realize that we would be so close that we couldn’t skate that way. We were all over the skating rink laughing so hard. Or the time that we put liquid dish soap into the dishwasher- when we came back into the kitchen- there were bubbles everywhere. We figured we might as well have fun before we cleaned it up and had the largest bubble battle ever! I always loved you as my best friend and will cherish our memories together forever. I still have my piece of our best friend necklace- you will be so missed. Love, Laura Reep (Kahoe)

Left by: Laura on: 2008-12-04 15:02:37


We have the annual family holiday party at our house and the there is this orange spinning chair that is a hit with all the kids. Lucas (age 6 and a half) said his fond memory of Wil is when the two of them spent most of the party in the orange chair together spinning, spinning and spinning some more. When they finally stopped spinning, Wil looked at Lucas and said, “We are going to keep spinning until one of us throws up.” Lucas said, “Cool”. Typical boys! Luckily for us, no one threw up, but when they both climbed out of the chair, they couldn’t walk straight for quite some time.

Left by: Heather on: 2008-12-04 13:55:58


I have thousands of memories of Kate and Wil. Kate was my ally, my confidant. We talked about events that only she and I would appreciate. Thursday night (11/6), after dinner I was playing with Wil and Ian. We were throwing close to 30 balls (in the house) at each other for nearly an hour. Wil was the monkey in the middle, Ian was learning to catch. We laughed so hard. I will remember Kate leaving that night with Kilian in her arms, Wil and Ian in tow, looking over her shoulder with a big smile on her face saying “Having second thoughts about Jamaica, aren’t you… Bye….” And … they were gone. I’ve read The Five People You Meet In Heaven and For One More Day by Mitch Albom. I’m hoping Kate and Wil are 1 (and/or 2) of my five and I think my mother will understand if I could spend just 1 more day with Kate and Wil. Love,Poppy

Left by: Blair on: 2008-12-03 16:32:35


I’m sitting here at work thinking about you Katie and remembering how you used to babysit Stephanie and Jessica. The Ocean City trips you went on to help out with the girls. They had so much fun with you! You will NEVER be forgotten. You and Wil will ALWAYS be in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Aunt Dar

Left by: Darlene (Aunt Dar) on: 2008-12-03 16:14:05


Today would be the day we were all going to New York for our annual visit for the kids to tell the real Santa Clause at Macy’s their Christmas wishes. For the rest of the day we would explore NY and had quality family time together – and the kids really never complained about the long walks between places – there is just so much to see there that they kept busy. We all loved seeing the windows at Macy’s. Every year, Katie NEEDED to visit Tiffany’s – it’s her favorite store there! (Along with Kate Spade, of course) Kiera, Wil, and TJ could spend hours in F.A.O. Swartz if we would let them. I believe it was 2 (maybe 3 now) years ago that we all went to the top of the Empire State Building – I am so glad we had that picture taken! And don’t forget the Naked Cowboy – yes, Katie was determined to see him too – another great photo! It was always always a day to remember and will treasure the memory every year. I still miss you guys and love you more everyday!

Left by: Kelly on: 2008-12-03 07:12:18


My memory is from the 2008 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Baltimore. I drove Tailgate 1 in the parade and Steve piped with the BCFD’s Emerald Society right in front of us. Wil rode up in the cab of TG-1 with me for the parade. He had a blast waving at the crowd and sounding the siren and airhorns. After the parade, we went back to the union hall for a post-parade party. Wil had a loose tooth that everyone, for some reason, wanted to get out of his mouth – perhaps too much Guinness or Jameson. He was offered all kinds of loot for that tooth. Everything from cash to a brand new F-350 pickup truck, but he wouldn’t let anybody near it. It became a running joke for the rest of the day. Later that week, Al, Laurie and I concluded our St. Paddy’s festivities at Steve and Katie’s house. It was such a busy week that none of us ever got a chance to have a traditional corned beef and cabbage meal. Katie stepped up to the plate and made a fantastic meal for everyone. We decided that, since St. Patrick’s Day couldn’t last forever, that would be the official end of the holiday. It was a great end to a great week that I’ll always remember with Katie and Wil’s friendship.

Left by: Fireman Dave on: 2008-12-03 00:55:08


The last time I saw Katie and Wil was a month ago today. Ray and I had some friends over to watch the Ravens game against the Cleveland Browns and to celebrate Ray’s birthday. Wil kept telling Laurie she was the “bad Brown” and he said it to her every time he saw her that day. I have a feeling that Al Brown was the instigator, but Wil was good at following through with Al’s tormenting. I will never forget the confidence Wil carried himself with that allowed him to joke around with adults. That’s not something all kids are comfortable doing, but I think it made him such a likeable kid. It’s only been about 2 years since I met Katie, but I felt that we were on the road to becoming good friends. There was just something about her that made me feel like I had known her longer. I will always cherish our “purple bus” trips…Wil and Preston’s soccer game against each other…followed by ice cream at Friendly’s, the Christmas lights tour of Dundalk and Hamden, going to Ravens training camp and of course our trip up to “The Buck” for the demolition derby. The four families…The Bradys, The Browns, The Schisslers and The Walps…we kept finding events that required us to travel together in that bus. Katie and Wil, I miss you more than words can say and you will forever be a part of every trip that we make on the purple bus. Until we meet again…

Left by: Kathi on: 2008-12-02 13:08:54


One month ago yesterday, was the last night I got to spend with Katie. It was at Lisa and Cameron’s wedding. We had a great time. Katie trying new drinks since her and Steve are wine snobs. lol Katie telling me my hair looked like Julia Roberts hair in a scene in Pretty Woman (my fav movie). Katie being so proud of the beautiful dress that she was wearing which she of course got on clearance for $5. Her and I dancing together and best of all watching her and Steve dance together. They always had a great time together and made everyone around them have a great time. I will cherish every moment with her and Wil and I miss them terribly.

Left by: Kerry on: 2008-12-02 11:38:13


One of my fun memories with Wil is when he came over my house the weekend before he died. We had so much fun together, we played with Light Savers which reminds me of how he liked Star Wars. We watched a movie. Wil was my best friend and he will always be my Guardian Angel. Jeremy Scheuerman

Left by: Lisa on: 2008-12-01 19:14:26


I was really close to Katie in grade school (St. Joe’s)! Fond memories include talking about boys of course! And talking about who are boyfriends were each week! Katie and I ran track together and played on other various sports teams. We always haad a blast! And i still have the part of the “best friends forever” neckless that katie, laura and i had. Katie, even though it has been years since we have seen each other, those memories will never be forgotten and neither will you! Love, Kelly (Hecht) Sealing

Left by: kelly on: 2008-12-01 09:09:57


It would be about this time every morning that Katie would call me at work – of course, this is also the exact time that I need to get things “started”, so I would always have to call her back. When I did, she would answer her cell phone yelling “Grab your green hat – we’re going streaking!!!” (from Old School) The first time seriously confused me; then, she let me know that this was the ringtone she had chosen for me. The even funnier part is that Ian would be in the background yelling “grab your green hat … grab your green hat” over and over again. It never got old and I was always cracking up every time I called. Plus, sometimes she wouldn’t even have anything to ask or tell me – she would say “Just wanted to call so you wouldn’t miss me” Seriously – she would call me just to say that. And I always had a special ringtone for her and would do the same thing … “Dear baby Jesus with your golden fleece diaper…” is how I answered when she called; or “Do you believe in the boogie man”; and, most recently “Mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce – wooohooo”. No phone call today but I’ll still “grab my green hat” each day at this time!!! So – Grab your green hat Kate -we’re going streaking!!!

Left by: Kelly on: 2008-12-01 08:06:08


I knew Katie and Steve through tailgating at the Raven’s games. Even though I wasn’t very close with the two of them, the one thing I remember about Katie is her beautiful laugh that we all heard so often. When I found out what happened I remember my mom turning to me and saying, “you know, steve, the bag pipe guy”. From tailgate to tailgate, they always made everyone laugh. Katie and Wil, I know that everyone you have met must truly miss you. You are in our hearts, and we will see you again.

Left by: michelle on: 2008-11-30 11:13:08


Little things that Katie would say just keep popping up in my head all throughout the day. I’m dying my hair today and I keep hearing her say, “that’s a good fall color.” Or I am looking at my thunder thighs and I hear her say, “feel my fat pad.” Or if I get hot all of the sudden, “I swear I am going through menapause”, she would say. I always told her I didn’t know how she did all that she did, but now I realize she was definately living life to the fullest!!!We always ran into each other throughout this life and I hope to see you even more in the next!!!!I love you and miss you deeply!

Left by: shannon on: 2008-11-30 00:13:03


Today on this “Black Friday Shopping Day” all I can think about is the good times that Katie, Nicole and I had during our shopping excursions thru out the years. The shopping trip plan would be set up by Katie and I on Thursday night. After spending the day eating Turkey with our families Katie and I would get on the phone and discuss the Sale Ads to determine our game plan for that year. We would meet at her house at around 4 in the morning so that we could stand in line with all of the CRAZY people! The real CRAZY thing is that most of the years there was nothing in the Ads that we really needing and did NOT need to start that early. Katie always had a mug of warm Hot Chocolate waiting to greet me. Nicole was still half asleep and never wanted it..She said she needed something stronger! In the beginning (pre-cell phones) we would communicate by jingling our jingly bells in the stores to find each other if lost or to notify that found a great deal had been found. One year Katie even bought us light up Rudolph noses to were while shopping. Last year she gave us Red Sequin Santa Hats to wear ~ WE looked HOT!!! Nicole usually would abandon us at around 10 AM and then it would be just the two of us to hit the Avenue and mall sometimes we would even go back to stores that we had already been to earlier in the day. The would end by us back at her house around 2 in the afternoon to find Steve filling the yard with ALL of the Christmas decorations. This year just was not the same without her. Oh and She could always persuade Nicole to buy a new TV … really I cannot think of a year that Nicole did not go home without at least one TV. Katie I MISS YOU < Love, Jenn

Left by: Jenn on: 2008-11-29 00:17:12


I remeber one day, kiera, tj, ian ,wil, and i were over ms. Pats (a.k.a kieras grandmother) and we were outside playing. Well, wilson decided it would be funny to show tj how to hit someone with a bat. So tj starts chasing us around the backyard with a bat trying to hit us with it. Then wil joins on and starts throwing foam baseballs at kiera and i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you Wil!

Left by: Heather on: 2008-11-28 10:39:41


I remember at Kieras 11th birthday, we all got our face painted and katie decided her and Ian would get their hair done. Ian got orange polka dot and i cant even remember what she got done because it was so wierd!!!!!!!! I miss you guys

Left by: Heather on: 2008-11-28 10:35:04


I have so many memories of Kate growing up. Coaching her in softball, she was so coachable. Giving her tips for her 220 yd. race in the eighth grade, which she won. Her winning the state bowling championship in her age bracket. I remember dancing and playing with her. I remember her stubborness which I always attributed to the “middle child syndrome”. But most important, I remember her smile, her laugh and her love. Unfortunately, over the years I have watched Kate from afar, but my most recent good memory was Father’s day 2008 when she came into her grandmother’s house, tapped me on the shoulder and said “Happy Father’s Day”. It is a great memory that will be in my heart forever. However, what I remember most about that day is when Kate, Steve, Wil, & Ian were getting ready to leave, and I said “okay everybody, party at Katie’s” and without missing a beat replied “Okay, but we won”t be there because we have someplace else to go” Until we meet again, All My Love Forever, Dad

Left by: Michael on: 2008-11-28 09:26:05


Today I was thinking. I can remember Wil sneaking up behind Laurie to pretend there was a spider coming up behind her. He would definitely scare her and we would all chuckle. Many times in the Brady’s backyard Wil would talk about the fort Steve built on top of his shed. Many a night was spent there and Wil and Steve would hang out! -AL Brown

Left by: AL on: 2008-11-27 23:42:31


Floppy Hat Friday nights in my backyard where we all would gather and enjoy the night. Wil would say \”Hey Mr. AL where is your floppy hat?\” I would have to go inside and get my hat so that we could grill in my back yard or play croquet (Wil\’s favorite yard game). Then we would have $1.00 crab night on Tuesday or Thursday. Did I mention wine croquet Saturday and that Wil started to play Chess. Ian would watch a movie and Wil and I would play chess together. Wil was a very polite boy to have running around. I just showed him how to pop popcorn the \”old fashioned\” way with oil and a pot over a fire. Katie was always there talking to Laurie about paint colors and what we were doing. I was even invited to go to Kohls while Lauire and Steve worked. Bike Rides. Wil was getting very good with his new bike. Sitting by the fire while Wil put wood on on it and Wil and I used to get bottled water and spit it on the fire to watch the steam. Then came outdoor WII with a 10 foot screen. We put that together this year and had many a night playing WII outside. Katie and Wil, You will never be forgotten. We will reunite someday. The impact of your frienship is unmeasurable and your love unending. Steve so loved you and was there for you every step of the way. Love always AL and Laurie

Left by: AL on: 2008-11-26 22:19:04


I have so many memories it is hard to just think of one. In these past few weeks I thought that I would never smile or laugh again. Sadness just took over my life, but as I have been reflecting these pass couple of weeks on the time I had with her and her family I realize all I have is laughter and smiles because there almost wasn’t a time we didn’t share a moment without laughter and happiness. I will never forget dodging the paparazzi (AKA Steve Brady I don’t he got roped into this one LOL) on the way to katies basement in our stylish but smelly Goodwill gowns to attend the Academy Awards while snacking on popcorn and beer. Love forever Nicole

Left by: nicole on: 2008-11-26 20:44:52


WE went to Laray Caverns and when we were setting uo tents in the dark I made the comment to Aunt Kate that her tent was cute. She didn’t know what I meant until she looked at our tent. My tent was like a combo,and they Aunt Kate thought tyhat she should have gotten us a house warming gift. Their tent however was basically fit for a mouse. We had alot of fun walking through the caverns and the garden maze. Kiera

Left by: Kelly on: 2008-11-26 16:47:28


I remember before the Fallston Swim Club, Katie and Wil would come to the \”Scheuerman Swim Club\” to swim many Friday\’s. Wil was so young, and such a good swimmer, even in pre-school, he was one of the first to swim in the deep end. I remember before Ian was born, Wil loved our little Joey because he was so good with kids (we always knew he would be a great big brother-and he was!) I remember the last time he spent the night, Jeremy & Joey were both fighting over who would sleep next to Wil, who would sit next to Wil, they just loved Wil! I remember Jeremy wanting to be in Wil\’s reading group so bad, that he practiced reading all summer just to be with him in 1st grade Language Arts (thank you Wil!) I remember Katie sneaking Wil on the big roller coaster at Hershey park, with me and Jeremy- she had Wil stand on her feet because he was too short. I remember Katie and Chrissy licking the chocolate fountain at my Christmas party & taking pictures. I remember how much fun Katie was, especially at Halloween, she looked so beautiful this year–her hair was so curly that we thought she was wearing a wig! We were so lucky to have been apart of their wonderful lives.-Lisa S.

Left by: Lisa on: 2008-11-26 00:19:49


A couple of weeks ago, i was hanging out with Tera at her house when katie called and asked tera to come hang out at her house with the whole family and some neighbors. tera mentioned that i was with her and wasn’t hesitant at all to tell me to join them.when i got there there was a huge screen in the back yard where everyone was playing wii and having a blast.i ended up playing many times with little wil not even coming close to beating him at any of the games. both of them were too good to lose to anyone. after the games everyone sat around the fire and just talked about random stories and thoughts. oh was it a wonderful night for a memory. I miss you dearly kate and wil!

Left by: Adam on: 2008-11-25 21:32:39


For Kelly\’s bachelorette party we all went to New York city. We had a great time going to a musical (The Wedding Singer) and a great dinner (that lasted 12 hours b/c we got kidnapped by the staff). The funniest part was the fun started off right there in the hotel room. I went to the bathroom and came out to find all 3 sisters dancing on the window sill & bed. Mrs. Pat was also doing a little jamming out if I remember correctly (in fact it was her IPOD we were using). After the musical we hit the restaurant. Great food, great staff and great entertainment. The entertainment, by the way, was all 3 sisters dancing on chairs together, imagine that :). Katie you and Wil will be greatly missed by your sisters, all of your family and by every one who knew you.

Left by: Rebecca on: 2008-11-25 20:42:20


Katie and I were best friends in grade school. I spent many a day/night at her house, and her mine. I\’ll never forget the vacations she went on with my family. We were like sisters. She went to Disney world with me and my family when we were in 7th grade. We had a blast. We lost touch in high school. I ran into her when she was in xray school, and I was a tech at Harford Memorial when she rotated thru there. It was like we never lost touch. She told me all about Wil and Steve. Katie you will always hold a special place in my heart. You will be missed. Stacy (Lotz) Huber

Left by: Stacy on: 2008-11-25 20:08:32


I remember the day that Katie found out that she was pregnant with Wilson. She was afraid to buy the pregnancy test so, I was the one that went to the Drug store to buy it. When the test came back POSITIVE she was scared about the idea of telling Steve. Her bright idea was to cook him a “Special” dinner and as most of you may know Katie was not the cook in the house. So her and I looked thru cook books and she decided to make a chicken dish with oranges. Well, she did not have half of the ingredients but decided to go ahead with the meal and use fresh tangerines instead. Katie asked me to stay for dinner that night for moral support. Steve and I were very polite and ate Katie’s “Special”dinner Let’s just say it was the last and only time that she made that dish. Later that night after I went home Katie told Steve the results of the test. Katie was so happy and relived to see and hear how excited that Steve was about becoming a Dad for the first time. Katie and Wilson you will be missed by me for the rest of m

Left by: Jenn on: 2008-11-25 14:42:08


As a 1st time mother of the bride, I was a nervous wreck planning Erins’s shower-I wanted it to be perfect. Katie called and volunteered to help me. She gave me ideas, suggestions and even made a food list for her family!Through many e-mails and phone calls, Katie reassured me that everything will be fine (even through the downpour and heavy winds the day of the shower.) The shower turned out perfect.As I was leaving I met up with her on the parking lot. She got out of the car, proceeded to take out a VERY LARGE cooler (shower gift), we talked for a few minutes and then hugged goodbye with her saying to me “I miss you Aunt Dar, we need to hang out more.” I watched Katie be-bop across the parking lot, cooler in tow, and had quite a good laugh as she was headed to the Riverwatch to meet up with Erin. They let her in with it!!! Katie, you and Wil be deeply missed. Love, Aunt Dar

Left by: Darlene (Aunt Dar) on: 2008-11-25 14:01:13


There are so many memories that run through my head but I must say one of my favorites took place in Topsail 2 years ago. This was the first family trip that Brian and I both attended. We spent the days on the beach tanning and playing in the water and the nights we spent sitting on the deck drinking (Steve and Brian slamming Tequila shots like it was their job). Brian was a little jealous of my dad’s “Life is Good “speedo so he decided to go in and make one of his own- out of his red underwear. We laughed all night about it and when it was time to go home Brian graciously offered to walk Katie, Steve and Wil back to their place. Katie was cracking up as he was ready to do this- still in his homemade speedo THONG. So Brian gets the idea that a” birthday suit” would be better. Everyone stood on the front porch and laughed hysterically as he walked all 3 of them home- Katie cracking up the whole way. Wil was fast asleep so was not witness to any of this. (Thank god) I was not able to attend the family trip this year but did receive a call from Katie late one night asking for an escort to take her home. “It’s only an 8 hour drive” she said. She must be a glutton for punishment! I wish so badly we would have been able to go this year, but I am glad that we got at least one trip in with them. It was a blast and we will miss them both for the rest of our lives. I love you Katie and Wil- we will meet again. Keep a look out for us – I will be with the idiot in the homemade speedo thong!

Left by: Erin on: 2008-11-25 13:50:31


A few weeks ago we joined the Brady’s at their house for dinner. I was running around the back yard with Wil and Ian catching fire flys. I bet Wil that I could swallow a fire fly. He said “NO WAY!” So of course I had to do it. Then I had to do it again for Ian and a half dozen more times for Wil. Katie said that the boys were laughing about it for days! We had a great time hanging out and talking all night! Great times and great memories that will last for ever. Love Erik and Courtney Legenhausen

Left by: erik on: 2008-11-25 12:03:33


Several years ago, Katie had stored a Power Wheels in the nextdoor neighbor’s attic so Wil wouldn’t find it before Christmas.She came down the stairs nearly in tears – “There’s no battery charger !!” Well,now she’s thinking – go back to Walmart on Christmas Eve in hopes they might have a charger. Luckily, a friend of mine went through the same situation and when he arrived at Walmart, was so embarrased when told the charger was under the seat.Of course, nowhere in the instructions did it say that. I made the suggestion to Katie and she ran up the stairs only to come back down three steps at a time. With a hearty “Thank you”, I received a big hug and kiss and we weren’t even under the mistletoe. The following morning, there’s Wil riding his new toy on the sidewalk. This is a special Christmas memory that I cherish.

Left by: Don on: 2008-11-25 11:29:18


Anybody that has been to a Brady’s theme summer party or a Karaoke bar with me and Katie will probably never forget our performance of La Bamba. We always liked to kick off the Karaoke with us singing that song because we knew that other people would most likely sing because no one could ever sing as bad as we did to that song. We used to joke that we would learn to sing it right or learn to sing it in English but we thought “Nah…it’s more fun to sing it our way”. Aaaaarrrriiiibbbbbaaa Katie! XOXO

Left by: Kerry on: 2008-11-25 11:19:09


One of my favorite (and kind of gross) memories was when Ian was born. Ihad Wil and Kiera and we were just a few minutes late to the hospital. As soon as we walked in the room, and with Katie still being “worked on”, the first thing she says to me is,”Hey Jeremy, want to see my placenta??!!” Typical Katie! I love you and miss you both!

Left by: Jeremy on: 2008-11-25 11:15:18


One of my best stories of Wil was when TJ was born. (Wil was in Katie and Steve’s wedding when he was just over a year old.) So when my husband Tim brought TJ out to meet everyone, Wil said “Now you and Aunt Kerry can get married”. (Although we already were.) Love you and miss you so much Wil!

Left by: Kerry on: 2008-11-25 11:09:23


Yes, always in competition, always wanting to win. Did Katie really have to make such a point by totally dismantling my Philadelphia Eagles and winning our bet on Dancing With The Stars! I know you’re up THERE just swimming in chocolate pudding! You’re always in our hearts and always here to guide us.

Left by: Debbie on: 2008-11-25 10:37:19


At the end of summer, Kiera adopted a greyhound. Her & Wil were swimming in the pool and Milton ws hanging out with them watching. They would jump in, then get out, jump in again, get out and they did this a bunch of times. Well – guess Milton thought it looked fun and jumped right in after Wil – no warning, no hesitation, no time to tell him no! Kiera & Wil thought it was so funny seeing him swimming! I love you Wil!

Left by: Kelly on: 2008-11-25 10:09:52


Let’s see if this works…. Can’t remember exactly who was there, but it was years ago after a “night on the town”, we went to Denny’s for food – and Katie wanted a dessert, however ordering “shrenchs thilk pie” took a lot of cracking up to know that she meant “French Silk Pie!” I love you Kate!

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